NYC Training Recap – Week 14

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NYC Training Recap Week 14

Monday – Unplanned Rest Day due to massive amounts of rain – took the day to stretch a little (not a lot thought)
Tuesday – 5.2 Miles Ran the little one to school. Took a scenic route back home and forgot to un-pause my Garmin at a crosswalk so it jacked up my avg which always pisses me off. I’m OCD about that.
Wednesday – 6 miles – Felt really good logging these early morning miles. Easy pace with a couple little walk breaks but not necessarily needed.
Thursday – Yoga/Foam Roll Contemplated running another easy five miles, but time got away from me and I wasn’t able to get it done. (moment of weakness)
Friday – Rest Day I literally did nothing this day. No rolling, stretching, soaking or walking. But I guess that’s the whole point of a rest day, isn’t it?
Saturday – 18 miles – 15 miles with MRTT and 3 miles @ Race for the Cure with my daughter
Sunday – Stretch/Foam Roll

After the week I had last week, I was determined to start this week with a steady streak of training runs. Unfortunately, the week started off with rain, so I had to revert to plan B. Thankfully, I was able to get right back on the horse with a solid week of workouts despite the rocky start.

Going back two weeks ago, I just didn’t have much get-up-and-go. I talked about it with some of the moms in my run group and they all agreed that I was probably just getting a little burnt out. Life has been hectic lately with my son’s health problems and all the doctor’s appointments, and then I just found out that I have to have a root canal and some other major dental work, so it’s been difficult to keep the focus on marathon training. I suppose root canal treatment will be beneficial. It will prevent me from having future tooth problems, so I’m looking forward to it in some ways. However, there are just so many distractions right now. Getting my focus back to New York and 26.2 seems to be less important when compared to my and my children’s health, so you could see why I had a rough couple days. But, after taking some time to wallow in my sorrow, I feel better and I’ve got my focus back on finishing up my training.

Truth is, with the race less than a month away, I really don’t have time to take any more time off, even with all the chaos that is circling around our family right now.

Then there’s all those doubts and negative thoughts entering my brain. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have doubted my ability to get through this training. With my hubby’s traveling schedule, my son’s health & sleep regression, my daughter’s first year of school, and my own personal issues, I’ve felt like the entire universe is out to hinder my journey to the start line.

But alas, I have reached the final countdown, so to speak, so I’m setting aside my distractions (as much as a mother can possibly do – which is not much) and focusing on this last crucial week before I begin my taper.

This past training week was an easier week for me. I had my head back where it needed to be and I didn’t have a whole lot of mileage on the schedule, but I knew I needed to compensate for missing out on my 19 miler from the previous week. run-

The schedule only called for 12 miles for Saturday, so I bumped up my long run to 15 and did a couple 5 milers during the week. 5.5 mile run

I was really driven to get each of those runs under my belt and I really lucked out too, because one of the other mamas in my run group was scheduled for 15 miles on Saturday too. So I had someone to talk to for each of those miles.

And then, by sheer dumb luck, I ended up with 18 miles on Saturday because I had totally forgot about my 5k at the Race for the Cure Glow run. Believe it or not, I had plenty of juice still left that evening to push my daughter in the stroller. Of course, I didn’t race the event, because I’m smart like that and didn’t want to risk tripping on the cobblestone streets of the dimly lit course. Actually, I was thankful I had the stroller to push. It acted like a guide to warn me of the uneven bricks. Total lifesaver. Can you imagine if I had twisted an ankle or worse this close to race day? It’d be Spacecoast all over again and I would be devastated.

Now I’ve gotten off topic. Where was I?

Since it was a glow run and for such a great cause, we made it a family affair. My hubby came along for the event and we linked up with the Tampa Bay Bloggers at their tent. Denise, Steph, Chrissy, Raffi and I were able to spend some time chatting as we tailgated before the race.
RFTC Daddy

I got really choked up when they initiated the survivor walk. It was really emotional to see all those ladies walking past knowing that Suncoast Komen played such an important role in their survival. It made us feel really good to know that our participation and donations were going towards helping add more women to that walk for years to come.

Of course we also had to experience the fun side of #RFTC2015 I decided last minute to buy matching mother/daughter tutus from a donation tent along with some glow sticks. Rosalyn had such a blast, and even ran 1.25 miles all on her own two feet. I couldn’t be more excited to see my mini me blossoming into a little runner. She loves to run!

RFTC tutus


Have you ever done the race for the cure?

Do you do small races before a big event or do you avoid them?

What advice do you have for me going into my 20 mile training run?

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