NYC Training Recap Week 8

Hey Hidey Ho… It’s Monday Tuesday. My post was delayed again. ha!! I’m a slacker for sure.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

We took it pretty easy this weekend since we had a couple sick kiddos.

Rosalyn came down with a cold on Wednesday and even missed two days of her first week at preschool. (sigh) It wasn’t too terrible of a cold, just a lot of sneezing and slimy boogers. Then Harrison woke up Sunday with the same symptoms, so we ended up staying home from church. So to say it was a pretty uneventful weekend is putting it mildly. In fact, other than my 15 miler Saturday morning, I didn’t do anything special. Blah! That sucks to say.

The highlight of my weekend was watching the premiere of the new AMC spinoff Fear The Walking Dead. Did anyone else watch it? I’m totally excited and can’t wait for more action. I really liked the way they are just laying the ground work right now instead of jumping right into the blood and guts. Truthfully, I really just can’t wait until The Walking Dead is back, but I have to wait until October for that, so this should hold me off well enough until then. But I still think it’s going to be an incredible show.

Anyways, workouts were on the light side this week due to a potential injury. I’m still in denial, and I don’t want to jinx myself for talking about it, but I’m concerned about possible plantar fasciitis. After my long run last weekend, I began to experience a little bit of heel pain on my right foot. Knowing what I do, I immediately scaled back on the mileage and started to stretch and roll my foot with a frozen water bottle. I’m praying it’s just bruised and will fade with some TLC. (denial much) If the pain persists, I’ll be making an appointment with a podiatry kansas city. TBD



Yoga & Foam Roll Today was the day my daughter started school for the very first time. I got all caught up in the excitement along with her.

Tuesday 4 miles at 9:15 pace Wednesday Unscheduled Rest Day – I was planing to run before my hubby went out of town, but I just didn’t make it up in time. The baby was up a few times overnight and I just wanted to sleep instead of run. I feel like such a slacker, but waking up at 5am and running 7 miles on 4 hours of sleep then NOT being able to nap or have any help with the kiddos doesn’t motivate me. I think most people understand. Thursday Unscheduled Rest Day – Attempted to run with both kids in the double stroller, but we got rained out. Lighting is my cue to stay home. Really wishing I had a treadmill right about now. Friday Yoga for Runners via Saturday 15 Miles at a 11:51 pace

I used the rest of the day to relax somewhat at my parents house. Seriously didn’t do much except sit around and play with the kiddos. But I rocked the crap out of my Procompression socks with my flip flops at the beach. lol


Stretched, Rolled and Soaked in epsom bath

Total Mileage

19 Miles

Overall, it was an okay week. I didn’t hit my mileage goals like I wanted to, but circumstances keep presenting difficulties. I’m really hoping that I can get into a much needed groove in the upcoming weeks. Hubby is working more from home and is not traveling as much, so there’s hope that I can make running early an option if I get too bombarded with night wakings. I’m also going to be running my daughter to her school once or twice a week, so that should help me get my miles in along with some conditioning in the form of pushing a couple kids in the stroller.

Do you every give yourself a break when life throws difficult situations, or do you push through the circumstances?

How’d your workouts go?

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2 thoughts on “NYC Training Recap Week 8”

  1. Oh, I’m excited about the new season of the Walking Dead in October! I just recently got into it and binge watched all seasons a couple of months ago. I heard about the spinoff but haven’t got a chance to watch it yet. Great job with your 15 miler!

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