NYC Training Recap – Weeks 16 and 17

Here we are, a week out from Marathon day and I’ve some how forgotten to recap my last two weeks of training. So here goes a little something, just because I can’t leave you hanging.



Monday – 5 miles @ 9:44 pace   I woke up early and headed out the door right before 5 to meet up with my run group.  We’ve been trying to get more momentum on our weekly group runs and I think we’ve finally got a rhythm.  Mon, Wed, and Saturday have been a pretty regular thing now and I couldn’t be more excited as the chapter leader.  The only bad thing I can say is that we are a bunch of jibber jabbers.  We can talk each other’s ears off any day, and we do.  And that leads to longer than I like walk breaks, which translates to not enough running.  Thankfully, today was not one of those days.  We ran pretty quick as a group and I was pleased with our pace.  And I got to break in a (literally) shiny new pair of running crops.  break-in-crops

Tuesday – Rest & Stretch

Wednesday – 5 miles with double stroller @ 10:17 pace

Thursday – Stretch & foam roll

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 12 miles @ 10.26 pace  You know it’s a good day when you finish your run and you don’t feel tired or sweaty.  The weather was perfect – we are so excited for fall weather in Florida, and that equals a faster pace and an overall accomplished feeling at the completion of this run.  It’s just the right ego boost I needed at this point in my training.

Sunday – Rest & Foam Roll

Total Miles – 22

Afer the previous week and the largest jump of mileage, I was ready for the taper to begin.  My legs surprisingly felt pretty good on Monday, but I knew that I still have plenty of resting to do.  By this point,  the preparation is done.  There’s nothing I can do now to prepare more for this race.  And the upcoming weeks are just about keeping fresh legs and staying injury free.


Monday – 3 Miles @ comfy pace  I ran/walked with a new member of our run group.  I had already told myself that I couldn’t push it to go faster and harder since I was taking a dip in mileage this week.  So I decided to stay behind with one of our newest runners who was doing a run/walk for our 3 miler.

Tuesday – Rest & Stretch

Wednesday – 4 miles @ 9:24 pace  Today we discovered that each one of us was wearing pink in our running attire.  Since it was Wednesday, we had to document the occasion.


I swear, we didn’t plan it, but we may have to make it a regular thing.


Thursday – Yoga

Friday – Rest & Stretch

Saturday – 8 miles @ 9:24 pace

Our group was short a few mamas this weekend, but we still had quite an enjoyable experience.  We even kept the chatting to a minimum and ended up finishing with a nice average.  The weather was gorgeous, again, and, we both wore pink again.


Sunday – Rest & Roll

Total Miles – 15

This week felt more than a little odd.  As with most tapers, I found myself feeling like I wasn’t doing enough.  I wanted to run farther and harder, but I know better, so I stuck with the plan.  I even went a little soft.  Not only did I allow myself to sleep in until 5:30 on Saturday morning (yes, I just said “sleep in until 5:30”), but I took a very leisurely approach to my stretching and foam rolling.  I didn’t force myself to put time aside towards stretching.  Instead, I just rolled and stretched whenever I was sitting on the floor with the kiddos, which equates to many hours in a week.  My daughter finds it very amusing to watch me foam roll on the play mat when she’s playing.  It’s my way of multitasking.  What can I say?

Going into this last week, I have to ease my mind along with my nerves.  The training is already there.  Now it’s just about the nutrition and hydration leading up to race day.  And that means I’ll be drinking Nuun like it’s going out of style.  Pink Lemonade is my flavor of the week.  I also saw on Nuun’s IG page how it can be served hot!  Sounds interesting.  I may try that this week for a change.  Nuun_onthego

Checklists and more checklists will be made and crossed off this week.  I still have a couple last minute items I need to buy before we fly out on Friday, and I have a couple lose ends to take care of with regards to our childcare needs.   We had a little wrench thrown in at the last minute.  My MIL had some unfortunate health concerns, so she can’t make the trip to stay with our son.  Instead, my mother is going to be keeping my son and daughter with a little help from my Aunt.  The biggest obstacle to overcome with watching two kiddos this weekend is working out how my daughter would get to trick or treat.  That’s probably the only downside to this marathon.  We will miss out on all the activities with our kids this year.  But I know they will be in great care with my mom and Aunt.

Now, I wonder how many times I’ll be checking the weather.  The forecast says it’s beautiful.  I mean, like perfect, racing conditions, but I am obsessive and I keep checking it to see if it changes between now and Thursday.  Fingers Crossed it doesn’t change.NYC_weather


What do you try to focus on during the taper?

What do you do the week of your marathon to stay calm and relaxed?



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