Picture Fun with October Instagram Challenge

Disclaimer: This Instagram #Octogram #Parkesdale photo challenge is a sponsored collaborative effort between the Tampa Bay Bloggers and Parksdale Farm Market. Other than prizes to be awarded as giveaways for the Instagram photo challenge, the Tampa Bay Bloggers did not receive any compensation for this campaign.

Beginning October 1st, myself and the fabulous individuals from the Tampa Bay Bloggers are hosting an Instagram Photo Challenge. To get involved, all you have to do is follow the bloggers listed below and the hashtags #Octogram and #Parkesdale.


The #Octogram Hosts – Blog Names and Instagram IDs

Parkedale Farm Market@parkesdale
Tampa Bay Bloggers@TBbloggers
Denise of Run DMT@Run_DMT
Scotty of Dads Who Change Diapers@diaperdad
Life as Dad@lifeasdad
Haley of Running with Diapers@runningwithdiapers
Caroline of My Fascinating Life@carolinecalcote
Tara of Everyday Ramblings of My Life@tfunair
Jenny of Metamorfit@metamorfit
Nanci of This Crazy Life of Mine@auntnanci
Jina of Behold the Turtle@behold_turtle
Stacey at Artsnark’s Artifacts@Artsnark
Crystal of Thrifty and Frugal Living@Latsyrc728
Beth of Making, Baking and Creating@anasilan
Lydia of Running Wild(er)@Wildlyd
Raffi of Running Betty@rafdarrow
Mindy of Mindy’s Fitness Journey@mindyartze
Carlee of Frugal and Fun Mom@frugalandfunmom
Bonnie of Not So Modern Housewife@notsomodern
April of Pixiedust Savings@pixiedustsavings

After you have began following the bloggers above, beginning October 1st, you are to use the suggested themes listed from the Octogram (the picture above with the 31 different subjects/prompts) for each day of the month as inspiration for an Instagram photo(s). Make sure sure to include the hashtag #Parkesdale and #Octogram. Also, if you add your Instagram handle to the linky below, we can link and view each others posts very easily.

Now let’s talk about the goodies. Parksdale Farm Market has graciously supplied the prizes for this challenge. Everyone who instagrams and plays along will be entered for a chance to win a gift basket from Parkesdale Farm Market worth $65.90. Twelve individuals will be randomly selected on November 1st. ***You must be entered in the linky tool below to be eligible for the prize. (Participants must be located inside the US & Canada).

Don’t forget to check out https://kenji.ai if you’re interested in growing your Instagram page. This would be a good idea to do before taking part in the Photo Challenge. Whilst we are on this topic, you may also be interested in growing your number of followers, in which case checking an app for followers! Growing your following, likes and engagement can be an extremely rewarding feeling. There are plenty of these sorts of apps in the public domain though, so perhaps read some reviews first. You can find nitreo explained on followergrowth.co, so that might be a good place to start. If you are in need of assistance in taking your account to new heights, which many people are, perhaps you could see what an Upleap instagram manager can do for you.

I can’t wait to check out everyone’s posts. My creative juices are already flowing.

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