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PrAna Organic Fuel Contest

Special thanks to prAna, Organic Valley, and Fit Approach for sponsoring this post.

Hey y’all.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve caught up with you on the blog.  My life has been nothing short of a crap show lately – quite literally.  My son has been ill for almost three weeks straight.  It’s been tough getting anything done around here, and sleep has been sparse.  But we are slowly taking back our reigns and getting back into a groove. And today I’m sharing with you an amazing giveaway that is brought to you through prAna’s partnership with Organic Valley.

PrAna is partnering with Organic Valley to present the #WeirdWorkout campaign.  This is all brought to us as they debut their new fall line.  Make sure to visit prAna to see all the fashionable finds.  prAna’s mission is to inspire healthy, active and free-spirited living.  They create versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that you can wear during every activity, every adventure, every day.

Weird Workout

What constitutes a #WeirdWorkout ?

Well, for me, that just depends on the kind of day I’m having.  If the kids are mild mannered and behaving themselves, I may be lucky enough to hit the stationary bike in my bedroom or pop in a DVD and sweat it out on the living room floor.  But if one of them is feeling frisky, my workout could equate to a little romp around the house pushing one or both of the kiddos around in the laundry basket.  I guess the basis for the campaign is that sometimes you just have to get out there and get after whatever, however you can do it.

For 15% off your order at prAna – be sure to use my discount code PFS16DUKE

How adorable are these yoga crops?

yoga pants prAna


So what about that contest

Here are the details!

There are six ways to play and 10 people will win.  Ten weird winners will get $300 in credit to use on, a tw0-month supply of organic Fuel and free swag!!!  All you have to do is Like, Follow and Engage with them  to earn up to SIX chances to win!

Organic Valley Giveaway

Enter Here! 

Organic Valley  – Ingredients with Purpose

All 9 ingredients in Organic Fuel have a purpose. From organic milk to cream, each ingredient matters.

Organic_Fuel Ingredients

Good Luck with the giveaway!  Be sure to use #WeirdWorkout in all your social media posts for chances to win!!  

How are you getting weird with your workouts?

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