Race Discount Codes

Hey y’all.  I came across some pretty awesome race codes and I thought since I’m not able to run all the races, I’d share the codes with you.  

Discount Codes For Races

First off, I’ll share my personal discount code for the Best Damn Race.  This series has events in FOUR locations in Florida: Cape Coral (December 14th) Jacksonville (January 10th) Safety Harbor (February 7th), and Orlando (February 28)  Another selling point to this series is that I will be there.  I’m already registered for the half marathons for Jax, SH, and Orlando, and I’m still contemplating which distance to attempt for CC.    

check out the website  http://bestdamnrace.com for more details  

discount code:  HALEYD (not case sensitive) Saves $5 off


The next one is for the Celebration Half Marathon & Marathon in Orlando in January 25th. 


discount code: TRIJ  Saves $10 off  


I have never seen or heard about discounts for Ragnar Relays, but I just came across one for the Atlanta trail ragnar relay, April 10-11. 


discount code: AT15MA2 (case sensitive) saves $50 through Active.com 


The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon is offering a $10 discount if you register before 11-17-14    


discount code:  AXKDF1117 (case sensitive)


Do you have a discount code that you’d like to share?  Email me and I’ll add it to the list.  Runningwithdiapers (at) gmail (dot) com

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