Run Interrupted

Last night during my 4 miles through the neighborhood, I found myself being distracted a little more than usual.  It was like the universe was trying to tell me that I need to learn to embrace this crazy life that has become my norm.  With my husband’s erratic work and traveling schedule, and my unpredictable toddler’s disposition, I’m sure I’m going to experience many interruptions during my training runs in the future.  I’ve heard it doesn’t get any easier.  

My first mile was pretty quiet.  I made it almost to 1.25 mi when an acorn fell from an overhead tree and WHACKED me in the head.  Let me just tell those of you who haven’t been pelted by falling acorns before…. it hurts…… big time. I imagined the little squirrel from Ice Age has something to do with this {not really} so I move on while I rub my noggin.  

So that would be distraction # 1Acorn

A little ways after my encounter with the falling tree parts, my iPhone chimed in with an incoming call from my cousin in Minnesota.  She’s a very busy doctor with a soon-to-be one year old, so I couldn’t just send her to voicemail.  Her time is precious and she was calling to talk to me, so I swiped my finger over the Answer key and slowed down to a brisk walk.  We played catch up for 10 minutes while I kept on my predetermined path.  She was telling me about how her 11 month old is starting to throw fits and demand things.  {I can relate to that}  I gave her advice on keeping my baby cousin occupied during diaper changing and told her I was looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks.  It was nice to take a walk break, but I’m just not a huge fan of stopping then starting again.  Running is very mental for me.  I like that extended period of heart thumping cardio.  Walking just doesn’t do the same for me, but I know it’s good for my legs, so I’ll suck it up to chat with my favorite cousin.  


End distraction #2


After I hung up the phone with my cousin, I hit my iPod again and sped back up to my normal 9:30 pace.  My legs were feeling good, but I didn’t want to push it since I’ve been experiencing so many runs lately with varied pain issues.  


Along my neighborhood route there are half a dozen different subdivisions that I run thorough.  I tend to see many of the same people along the way, usually out walking their dogs and children.  I’m a friendly person, so I make it a habit to make eye contact with everyone and say “Hi” but I rarely stop to chat.  I’m in the zone and I cannot be distracted.  Well, yesterday was the day of distractions, so of course, someone wanted to stop me for directions.  Uggh…….    I kindly directed the individual how to find the highway he was just a half mile away from, and then picked back up to speed to complete my last mile and a half back into my immediate neighborhood.  

Distraction #3   directions

As I was finishing off my last mile, I decided to swing past my house and loop around the backside of my neighborhood near the lakeside community.  Usually I like to avoid this route because there’s a few stray dogs on this side that slightly intimidate me, but I wanted to make my way closer to home for my last mile because i was extremely thirsty and wanted some hydration asap.  When I got in front of my block, I noticed my husband out in the driveway with our darling daughter.  Now let me just say that she is the biggest distraction ever.  She saw me, waved and melted my heart as I continued down the street.  I didn’t want to stop, but it’s really hard to pass by this beautiful little girl without slowing down to say hi.  

Distraction #4


So I turn the corner toward the last half mile and make my way towards the final stretch of pavement.  I can finish strong with one last long straightaway.  Yeah…….No!   Not even 20 yards later, my adorable neighbors turn the corner into our subdivision and slowed down to say hello.  I stop and say hey, then excuse myself to finish my last half mile.  They, being the triathletes they are, understood completely and told me to finish up then we’d talk later.   I heart them!!!  <3<3<3  So I’m not going to count them as a distraction.  They were my cheerleaders.  And speaking of cheerleaders, from behind me I could hear a vehicle approaching slowly.  I turned to see my hubby with the baby following behind me so closely.  He and she had decided to shadow me for the last stretch of mileage I had to finish.  I ramped up my speed and finished strong with them just a few yards behind me.  If we had been on a Ragnar Relay, this is what we would’ve called “van support.”

photo 1photo 3


 But of course, I still had time for one more interruption….. A SNAKE!  Ewh, Yuck, Eeek….. my nemesis.  Just as I was flying through my final quarter mile, I see the creepy crawly in the bushes.  He frightened me at the moment when I was powering up my speed to finish strong so I’m sure if anyone saw {my van support was in front of me by then} I’m sure they got a big kick out of my jolting shift in body position.  It’s a wonder how I didn’t pull a muscle in the process.  So this concludes the string of distractions.  

Distraction #5

Black Racer


Thankfully, I still managed to log some pretty good mileage over the course of my distractions.  And the best part is that I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort.  I finished up 4.33 mi with a 10.25 average pace – that doesn’t include the time I took to walk while on the phone.  So overall, I was happy to get out there and do my thing.  I was all smiles by the time I was done and happy to have my family close by while I cooled down with some stretches.  It was a beautiful day yesterday and I cannot wait to indulge in some more late afternoon runs deeper into the fall and winter seasons.  Hopefully I won’t have another interrupted session like yesterday.  
photo 2

Have you ever felt like the universe was trying to slow you down?

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