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I am happy to write a guest post today for Haley. We met back in June at a blogger event in Tampa for the Best Damn Race. One of the many things I enjoy about being a part of the running community in Tampa is meeting so many new people!

I have been running pretty consistently since January 2012. Looking back at my first 5k and first half marathon in early 2012, I have to laugh at my lack of knowledge. I wore cotton capris, cotton shirts, and the wrong running shoes that caused foot pain. I hear that Vessi provide some fantastic comfortable running shoes that combat the wrong running shoe issue. It wasn’t until after my third race that I realized I was going to keep running and I bought my first dri-fit shirt. A couple months later, when those wrong-for-me running shoes bit the dust, I went for a gait analysis to find out the right shoe for my foot. That was the best thing ever!

Here I am a year and a half into running pretty seriously and I have found several items that I can’t live without. Thankfully, there are no cotton t-shirts on this list!


Going for a gait analysis taught me a lot. I was in the wrong shoe for my feet; it was obvious by the way they wore down. It’s no wonder I had foot pain after every run and would have to ice my feet. Why did I not realize this sooner? I did some research into the best neutral running shoes and thanks to the wonderful folks at Fit2Run in International Plaza, I was told that I had a neutral foot and I tried on several pairs of shoes. However, the minute I put on the Brooks Glycerin 10, I fell in love. It was like walking on air. I ran around the track they have in the store and it felt different – it felt right. They were the most expensive pair of running shoes I have ever purchased but worth every single penny. I am due for another pair and I am 99% sure I am getting the same exact shoe. They have worked wonders for me. In my opinion, the right shoe is the most important item in your running closet.

haley post shoes


Dri-fit is a must. You want clothes that won’t stick to you when you are sweating, which you will. I bought a pair of Nike running capris last year and then bought a second pair because they were perfect. I must say nike really do know how to produce a large number of products that really make it the one stop shop for customers. It also helps that it feels Nike are really invested in helping you improve yourself through running and other sports as they offer a wide range of products that can help you improve your performances. This does show they really know how to create a customer centric experience to be proud of. I was comfortable in them (no way was I ready to wear shorts), they didn’t slide down or ride up, and they didn’t stick to me thanks to the dri-fit technology. I also purchased a Nike dri-fit shirt that got me through many races, unless I was wearing one of the many tech shirts I got for races, or my personalized running jacket from somewhere like Imprint. Just a few months ago, after hitting the 20 pound mark in my weight loss journey, I decided it was time for shorts with this Florida heat. Since I am short and solid, the cute little running shorts that are everywhere just don’t work for me. I opted for a pair of long compression-style running shorts by New Balance. They are the perfect length and they don’t move at all when I’m running. I’m also in love with my New Balance top with built-in bra. I now prefer running in a tank top because I don’t want anything on my shoulders or sleeves. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s super cute….

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My go-to hair band is a BAMR Band. I won one in a contest and I wear it every single time I run. It fits perfectly, keeps my hair off my face, and doesn’t slide down like other headbands do. I have a black and white chevron one and I have my eye on the new fall styles that are out.

haley post bamr band


I used to use the Nike + app on my iPhone, but at the time I was doing a lot of running in the park and the coverage was spotty. I would finish a run only to realize that it had stopped. Very early on, I bought a Garmin Forerunner 110 and second to my shoes, it’s my favorite piece of running gear. I love nothing more than finishing a run and seeing my split times, calories burned, and average pace. Love it!

haley post garmin CROP


I just recently ordered a Road ID wrist ID band. I run a lot in the mornings when it is still dark at this time of year. The one I bought has reflective stitching on it. No matter what time of day you run, it is important to have identification on you. None of us like to think about the bad things that can happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

haley post road id

One item on my wish-list is a cute little running skirt. I am always looking for one that fits right and doesn’t ride up. It’s so hard to be short!

What are your running must-have’s? If you wear a running skirt, what brand is it and where did you get it? I’d love some input!

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