Running Full Circle

(Enjoy a guest post for today while I am out on vacation)

Hi Everyone! I’m Michelle, and I blog over at   I am a

47 year old mom and runner who loves everything about Healthy Living and staying


Ever Since High School, I have used running as a way to think, release stress, blow

off steam and stay healthy.  I met my husband in my first year of college and we

would run a little bit together (although no long distances) just for fun.  We would

run the stairs on the hills at Syracuse University (a little healthy competition) or we

would run touch football plays at Onondaga Lake Park together and laugh the

entire day away. I usually managed to get my runs in at least 3-4 days a week.  That

was 27 years ago, a lot has changed in our lives.

In 1988, 2 years after we were married, we had Kyle and life got a little busier..but

my husband Jim, would come home from work and take over so I could get a  short

run in a few days a week.  Then I got pregnant again and Mackenzie was born…

life got really busy!  As they got older, their needs came before ours and my runs

just didn’t happen anymore.  Kyle was very active in Boy Scouts (He even became

an Eagle Scout) and Mackenzie started competitive dance (dancing all the way to




Can you tell I’m a proud MOMMA? Well, I AM..but I missed running..A LOT!  My children heard me talk about running all the time, and they had flipped through the old photo albums at my parents house of me in high school at track they KNEW that I ran.

Then, one day I made that decision that I was going to start running again..slowly.  So I got fitted for a new pair of running shoes and I started by running for one minute and alternating walking every other minute and gradually increased over time.  I signed up for my first 5K and felt incredible!

I feel like I have come full circle..both with myself and with my children because now THEY are running WITH me!  It feels great to be at a race and know that I have shared my love of running with both of my kiddos.


Shamrock Run 2013 Jim, Michelle, Kenzie

Shamrock Run 2013
Jim, Michelle, Kenzie


2013 Corporate Challenge

2013 Corporate Challenge

Being a mom is such hard work..and we are SO BUSY!  If I could go back in time, I would make more time for running back then….but I know I can’t turn back time. I am so thankful for the life I have and for my husband and children…For me, I really have come Full Circle!


3 thoughts on “Running Full Circle”

  1. What a great story!

    I am hoping that running is a family affair for us. My husband, five year old son and I are already running races together and it’s so much fun.

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