Running Playlist for 5-8-13


Another awesome playlist coming at’cha for this week. Not going to say that it was inspired by any particular moment while running, but I will admit that I put together some of these tunes while I was off at my dentist’s office at my most recent appointment.

I hate the dentist. It’s brutal. I hate the poking and prodding around inside my mouth while my jaw is wrenching in pain from being locked in the same uncomfortable position. I’m afraid of the drill and all the unknown picks and spinning tools they use. My imagination gets the best of me in those situations. Mostly, I just hate the sound of all the buzzing and howling of their instruments. My friend recently visited her Fort Wayne Dentist and took her earbuds in to listen to music whilst on the bed, and she told me to try it. So I took them in with me this time, and it was a completely different experience.

It really is amazing how a song can soothe the fears inside my head, during a long run or at the dentist. This playlist speaks to my soul and calms my nerves. These songs are what came to aid while I was praying for relief from the grasp of my dental hygienist. Imagine if I ever have to have important dental work done, I could be having Dental Implants in Denver and bring an entire symphony with me to calm these nerves down! Anyway, I hope these soothe your soul when you need them.

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