Sarasota Half Marathon Redemption

Last year, about this very time, I was peeing on a stick discovering that I was pregnant with my second child.  (TMI?) I was beyond thrilled to see that blue word “PREGNANT” on my First Response pregnancy test, but I was also a little  bummed because I had just found out that I’d been given the opportunity to run the Sarasota Half Marathon courtesy of the Tampa Bay Bloggers.

Even though I still intended to run the race at 15 weeks preggo, I knew that it wouldn’t be the same as attempting it with full  bladder capacity  athletic ability.

I did, in fact, finish the 2014 race, but knew deep down that I wanted another chance to redeem my efforts post pregnancy.

That’s why I’m so excited I’ve been given that exact opportunity again.  On March 15th, 2015, I will attempt my second Sarasota Half Marathon.  



That means I’ll have a second chance to enjoy the beautiful sunrise as I make my climb over the John Ringing Causeway Bridge.ringling bridge


I’ll have a second chance to loop around St. Armand’s Circle and climb the bridge again on my way to Tamiami Trail.St. Armands Circle

I’ll have a second chance to score another gorgeous dolphin medal.  Sarasota_Half_Marathon_Finisher_picAnd because it’s the 10th anniversary, I’ll also be awarded this premium quality, fitted, ultra-lightweight, running jacket.  sarasota finishers jacketI’ll also have another opportunity to feast on the First Watch gourmet breakfast at the finish line party.  (First Watch is my favorite breakfast/brunch spot)150_first_watch_sarasota_half_marathonIt’s my chance at redemption.  I’m ready to take on the bridge and all that Sarasota Half Marathon has to offer.  

If you would like a chance to redeem your past race, or make it a first attempt, don’t delay.  Make sure you get registered before the half marathon sells out.  ***The Relay is already sold out.***  


Have you ever ran this half marathon or relay before?  

What is one race that you’d like a chance at redemption?

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9 thoughts on “Sarasota Half Marathon Redemption”

  1. I have never run this half marathon before but it looks awesome – my aunt lives in Sarasota I really like it there.

    I would like redemption at the OUC half marathon in Orlando it was my first half ever 🙂

    1. Ive heard that is a great race too!! Actually, im an ambassador for Best Damn Race, and we run an event next month that is about the same course as OUC half. I’ll be running it myself!!

  2. Full bladder capacity. Truth. The Baltimore marathon is where I need redemption. Even though I’ve had good races there, I had a horrible race in 2013 and I need to avenge it. This race that you are running sounds awesome! I seriously am so impressed. I ran 5 miles Saturday on a treadmill and was exhausted.

  3. Good luck! You’re going to rock it!

    I’ve never run this race, but I love that medal. I want another crack at the Gate River Run. I was hurt last year when I ran it for the first time, and I know I can do so much better. Fingers crossed for a second go.

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