Small Victories

It’s pretty pathetic when a mother is beyond elated to see her 17 month old finish her lunch plate which consisted of a measly pear, cheese stick and a single graham cracker. But here I am, thanking the Lord above for assisting me in the tortuous task of feeding my toddler.

In her defense, she has been sick with a double ear infection. So her appetite has been weak. She has survived on goldfish crackers, Cheerios and Go-Gurts for the past 3 days. Thankfully, after a few days of antibiotics, she’s finally on the mend and has rediscovered the urge to eat again.

She is a pretty finicky eater to begin with, so we have to celebrate the little victories as they come. There’s no telling what she will have for dinner tonight. I’m sure my husband will prepare something delicious for her. She may have a bite or two, or finish the bowl, or she may grunt and reject whatever he puts in front of her. Either way, we have to continue our fight for healthy foods and persevere until…….. well….. I guess it’s going to be a long time.

Anybody else going through this toddler phase or am I alone out there?

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