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Color Me Rad -2015 Recap

Disclaimer: Through the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I received compensation and Color Me Rad 5K race entries for the purpose of this review. As always, the opinions and experiences shared on this blog are my own.



You guys know that I don’t run a lot of fun run style of races.  In fact, I can count on one hand how many 5ks I’ve actually done over the past few years.  But there’s just something very special about the Color Me Rad race that keeps me coming back every year.

This year marks our third year doing this event and I can tell you first hand how it keeps getting better.  Maybe it has something to do with my daughter getting older and more excited about running events, or maybe it was the “Bigger Badder Radder” concept that The Color Me Rad organization adopted this year, either way, this year was our best experience yet.

Packet pickup was a breeze.  I brought both kiddos with me to International mall for pickup at Fit2run. There was hardly a line at the registration table nor was there one at bib pickup.  We strolled right through each station picking up our shirts, socks and bibs.

My only disappointment from this year was that sunglasses weren’t included in the registration fees.  Instead of sunglasses, we were given knee high socks.  They are super rad and made from quality materials, but they’re just not practical for someone who mainly wears sandals or flip flops.

Saturday morning when we arrived at the fairgrounds, we were quickly directed to the appropriate parking sites.  We were able to get through the fairground’s parking quicker than the two previous years, which was very nice.  We gathered our kiddos together along with our friend and her two daughters and made our way to the main area.

There was a stage set up near the start line, with a DJ and an emcee, already pumping up the crowd and announcing the beginning of the first start wave.  Since we were included in that first start wave, we began to make our way through the crowd with our kiddos tucked cleanly inside our double strollers.   But all of that was about to change.

With the release of the first start wave, we made our way over the start line, through a cloud of purple tinted smoke corn starch, with the crowd, towards the first color zone.  Soon enough, our preschoolers wanted out of the stroller and on their own two feet, so we accommodated.  They took off as we ran after them with the babies still happily straped into the stroller.  We bobbed and weaved through the course of runners and walkers through every single color station, each station proving to be better and definitely radder than the years before.

This year the course looped through some nice shaded areas of the fairgrounds.  That, combined with the earlier start date, and the refreshing blast of the liquid color gel made for a very enjoyable experience.


The entire family was able to enjoy this entire event.  Just look how much fun my youngest was having.         


Of all the family friendly events available out there these days, these are our favorite.

We make such lasting memories.


Color Me Rad is the perfect entry level race/fun run for family and friends.  If you’re not into the sport of running, you can always come and walk.  There were plenty of walking participants throughout this event.  As you can tell, it’s an event safe enough to bring the youngest of babies.  The color is not damaging to your stroller either.  We were able to remove all the color from our strollers with a water hose and soap once we got home.   It is recommended that you wear eye protectants, as it may irritate your eyes.

If you would like to come and enjoy the run with out the color, the color zones are easily avoidable.  It’s not an all or nothing kind of deal, but who could resist a little lively highlight of pink, yellow, blue and green?  Not me!



Color Me Rad Giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was provided entry to this event through the Tampa Bay Bloggers’s partnership with Color Me Rad.  

As always, all opinions are my own.    

It’s that time of year again.

CMR PhotossIt’s time to get Rad with the Color Me Rad 5k!  And I’ve got a giveaway to present to you at the end of this post, so don’t miss out.

This year Color Me Rad is taking it even bigger, badder and radder with three additional color stations featuring the new Color Me Rad Color Gel and the color blaster.  color-me-rad-bigger

If you’re not familiar with this event, let me paint the scene (get it).

Imagine a haze of rainbow colors spreading through a grassy field.  Envision a gust of wind enveloping a tree lined pathway with pink and blue fog as you race towards the finish line.    Visualize a crowd of exuberant, multicolored participants gathered together in a sea of festive cheer, singing and dancing in celebration at the finish line party.


CMR Tampa

That’s pretty much what the Color Me Rad 5k is all about.  It’s about fun.  It’s about family & friends.  It’s about running, walking, or pushing those jogging strollers to get active.  It’s about celebration, and most importantly, it’s all about getting radical and covered with color.

If you want to know even more about my experiences with this awesome event, you can read my recaps from previous years here and here.

Here’s what you need to know for this year:


  • Takes place on Saturday, April 18th @ The Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa
  • Waves kick off at 9 a.m. and run until 12 p.m.
  • Registration is available online now
  • Price jumps up in 7 more days – So ACT FAST!


All participants receive:

  • Entry to the 5K
  • New 2015 Tour t-shirt
  • A pair of killer knee-high socks
  • A color pack
  • Free photos from the event’s professional photographers



CMR Photos



And now for the giveaway.

If you would like to join us for this stellar event, here’s your chance to win an entry.  Just comment below and tell me how you plan to get rad.  Do you plan to “wig out” with a crazy afro wig?  Are you planning to rock your best 80’s style headband?  Or will you come loaded with war paint, ready to add to the mix?

Post a comment below and you’ll be entered for a chance to win one (1) of two (2) entries to the Tampa Color Me Rad 5k.  I’ll pick two winners Sunday night (4/12/15), so make sure to check back on Monday to see if you’ve won.

If you don’t want to roll the dice, you can always use the code below to save 40% off your registration.  CMR TBB image

Best Damn Race and a discount code

If you are looking for a discount code for Best Damn Race, you can use HALEYD at registration to save $5.  

The code will only be good after the initial surge of registrants for each race.  Currently, you can use it for the marathon for Best Damn Race Cape Coral and in a week or so, you’ll be able to use it for Safety Harbor, then eventually, for Orlando.  Make sure to like Best Damn Race on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to keep updated on the price scale.  

POST UPDATE:  As of June 1st, the above discount code will work


Continue to follow Best Damn Race on Twitter & Facebook for all updates related to the registration and race day.


So I’m pretty sure I’ve crossed a line with my toddler.  She’s officially developed a potty mouth, and it’s all my fault.  I can just see it now.  I’ll be accepting a parenting award somewhere someday and then I’ll be reminded of this moment…. maybe not.     Today she told me that she wants “to run Best Damn Race.”  I tried to keep a straight face and not validate her cursing with a response, but it was really hard not to do.  

I immediately sent a message to the race director to share the news that his race is responsible for corrupting my 2 year old.  He, along with a few others, thought it was pretty funny.  Personally, I don’t know how to handle this situation.   She knows that I’m affiliated with that race.  The logo is all over my house, and she sees it on the computer.  The big mistake was subscribing to their Youtube page where she discovered and was able to view the promotional videos and commercials.  At first I was worried about the Ke$ha…… now, not so much. 



Initially, we thought it was cute.  She wanted to watch the “race.”  She’s been to enough of my races to understand what’s going on in the video.   She’s cheered on the sidelines at races and watched as I sprinted through plenty of finish lines.  She gets it.  

She watches the videos and says stuff like “They’re running….. look Mom!  They’re running!”  As a runner, I thought it was cute, and I was proud that she had taken an interest in something that I love so much.  I even posted to my Instagram for others to observe.  

Then, the other day, she found one of the temporary tattoos with the Best Damn Race logo in my bag.  It was left in there after the latest expo that I worked.  She wanted to put it on, so we let her.  We were at the water park in our swimsuits so we didn’t think anything of it.  Best_Damn_Race_Discount


Then this morning, while playing around on the iPad, she came across the youtube channel again and watched the promo video for the umpteenth time.  That’s when she turned to me and said it.  

Never in my wildest dreams did I think she’d say the name of the actual race.   I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  She is her mother’s daughter.  



Do you remember how old you were when you first cursed?

Giveaway & Discount Code for Color Me Rad

Remember how I told you that I’d have another giveaway on the blog for another Color Me Rad entry for the Tampa event on May 24th?   Well, it’s time again to get your entry in for another chance to win.  


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And don’t forget that if you don’t win my giveaway you can still use the discount code RUNNINGWITHDIAPERS25 to save 25% off your registration code.  


Color Me Rad Discount Code & Giveaway

Color Me Rad definitely lives up to it’s name.  It’s a totally hip, and rad 5k race through a color course war zone.  Use my discount code or enter my giveaway to win an entry to this super fun, and totally rad, fun run.  

Discount Code & Giveaway for Color Me Rad 5k

Use discount code Runningwithdiapers25 to save 25% off registration for Color Me Rad.


Last year, my whole family gathered together for the Color Me Rad 5k at the Florida State Fairgrounds.  The website promised to brighten our day and it did not disappoint.  By the end of the course, we were covered in neon hues.  


How does this 5k differ from other fun runs?


You’ll begin at the starting line wearing a majority of plain white attire from head-to-toe (make sure it’s something you don’t mind getting colored up).  From the moment you begin your run through the Color Me Rad color course, you’ll be ambushed by “color cast” sprinkling, squirting and color bombing you with an assortment of neon tinted substances through each color station.    Upon completion of the course, participants are celebrated with additional opportunity to bombard each other with more color bombs while they dance and celebrate with the other race participants at the finish line party.  

Note:  this is not a chipped or timed race.  The atmosphere is very laid back and unofficial when it comes to the actual running part.  If you’re looking for heavy competition, this may not be the race for you.  





Along with an awesome T-shirt,  your Color Me Rad registration fee will get you a sweet set of sunglasses, a race bib, a donation to a local charity, a decal for your car and some swag from the Color Me Rad sponsors. All of these items can be picked up at packet pick up before the race.  In addition, you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase extra color bombs and totally tubular Color Me Rad gear at the packet pick up locations.  



What exactly is in the color bombs? 

(from their website)  This is non-toxic, non-rash-inducing, Kroger branded, colored cornstarch.* With corn subsidized by the government and processed in the good o’l US of A, these blasts of starch will change your color and your demeanor but never your safety or health.

Ingredients: Corn starch and FD&C and/or D&C colors. Color safety information: Approved for use in foods, cosmetics and/or drugs. These products are not considered hazardous, 29 CFR 1910-1200.






Would you like to join us at this sensational event? 

Don’t Delay!!!  Registration is limited, but there is still time.  

Color Me Rad will be in Tampa, FL.  on May 24th at the Florida State Fairgrounds.  Registration is $47 until 5/9/14.  Start waves begin at 9:00 a.m. and are filling up fast.  


There are two ways to get in on the action:  

  • Enter the giveaway below (Secret: I’ll do two giveaways in the next couple weeks) or
  • Register Online (Don’t forget my discount code to save 25% off your registration fee)


I hope to see you there!!

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