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Weekly Workouts


These past two weeks have been very difficult on me training wise. Frankly, I have struggled physically and mentally with this “recovery” phase. To put it to you bluntly, I’ve been pretty miserable.  Each workout has been really mundane and leaves me feeling unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the other options of cardio available at my gym, but for me,  there’s no substitute for a good 5 mile run first thing in the morning.  The good news is that my recovery sorrows could fade pretty quickly, because I  am going to test out the foot and see how it does on the treadmill tomorrow.  Woo Hoo!!!!    It’s been feeling really good and the pain is almost gone, so I feel like it’s time to test the waters.  Ragnar is less than two weeks away so it’s now or never.  We will have to wait to see how it works out, but I am staying positive and praying for favor.  God willing, I’ll be getting back my runner’s high soon enough.  I’m planning to start with some very brisk walking, followed by a slow and steady pace around 5 mph, then alternate a few minutes of walking with short bursts of running……baby steps.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

I wasn’t able to fulfill my September goals of a minimum of 30 minutes a day of exercise, but I feel like I’ve completed a good mix considering my state of injury induced depression.  Here’s a look at what I did last week.  



Monday 9/2 – Labor Day REST

Tuesday 9/3 – Rode 8 miles

Wednesday 9/4 – 45 minute Vinyasa Flow

Thursday 9/5 – Swam 600 meters at the gym

Friday 9/6 – Rest

Saturday 9/7 – Rest

Sunday 9/8 – Yoga


How did your workouts go last week?

Marathon Training and Goals for August

First of all, I cannot believe that we are already into the month of August.  This year has flown by.  More than anything, I can’t believe that my little baby is going to be turning two years old in four months.  WOW!  It really makes me want to cry.


This is one of the pictures from our family photo shoot last month.  I <3 her!!!

This is one of the pictures from our family photo shoot last month.


Okay,  enough with the pseudo sadness.  Let’s get on to my goals and marathon training schedule for August.  

Something that I’m definitely amped up about for this month is my increase in mileage for my long runs.  Yay!!!  I haven’t run more than 7 miles at a time since the Iron Girl Half Marathon back in April.  That’s three very long, and very hot months that I have been absent from the long distance running.  You might guess that I did that on purpose to avoid the sweltering heat, and I did, mostly.  But even so, now we are entering the worst month for outdoor training.  Between the daily thunderstorms, funnel clouds and hurricane season upon us, I’m going to have to be careful not to slack off and over sleep on my run days.  Afternoon showers are inevitable during this time of year, so I want to avoid the evening runs and stick to the early a.m. if at all possible.  Otherwise, I’ll end up like this gal.  

Found this picture on from last year during the Hurricane before the Republican National Convention

Found this picture on from last year during the Hurricane before the Republican National Convention


Another thing about  this upcoming month’s marathon schedule is that I’ll be adding a fourth day of running into my weeks.  So instead of only running Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays, I’ll now be running Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  This is something that my coach and I decided was best, since I had taken the time off during my INSANITY Challenge.  

Here is what my weekly training schedule will look like for the month of August.


Mondays: 5-6 Easy Miles

Tuesdays: Cross Train  

Wednesdays: Tempo Runs and Speed Drills  

Thursdays: 5-6 Easy Miles  

Fridays: Yoga  

Saturdays: Long Runs

Sundays: Rest Days

In addition to the added day of running, I will continue to incorporate the hip exercises that were prescribed by my physical therapist.  I’m also going to resume my #Plankaday challenge as well.   I’ll have plenty of pictures of me planking away on my {Instagram} page.

With regard to my diet, I’m going to continue to follow along the same plan as previously.  However, I am planning on joining my fellow blogging friend Meghan in her challenge to eliminate all dairy from her diet.  This is going to be extremely difficult for me with regards to two items:  Coffee creamer and Greek Yogurt.  I am not a very excessive cheese lover, nor do I drink milk, but I have been known to chow down on some Chobani Yogurt once a day and I’m also a HUGE fan of the Greek dishes that include Tzatziki and Hummus.  And it’s not a secret that I’m a coffee addict.  I typically drink flavored creamer in my coffee, so I might be switching to teas for the month, or I’ll have to learn to drink it black.  So it looks like this will be the most challenging aspect of my diet for the next 31 days.

What are your goals for the next 30 days?  Do you think you could go dairy free for a whole month.  

Last Week’s Workouts

{The following has the potential to be the shortest workout post I’ve ever logged.}

This week was extremely quiet in the workout department. Of course, I took it very easy since I had a little hiccup with my long run last weekend. The good news is that after a full week of rest, I was able to get back on track with my training without any pain or discomfort. As difficult as it was to abstain from all exercise, I actually managed to not do anything at all until Saturday morning; I didn’t even do yoga. So this is going to be very boring for the most part.


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 7 easy miles {I had to take a few walk breaks after the fourth mile because I’m pretty sure I over did it on the first three, especially seeing how I didn’t have any other cardio during the week…. oppsie}


Sunday: Rest, did some light stretching and used the bands that my awesome neighbor showed me how to use and I ended the day with some bedtime yoga.


I’m glad that the week is over and I’m looking forward to resuming my marathon training next week. I’ve got some good training runs scheduled on my calendar and I’m feeling good after yesterday’s long run. So there’s a lot that I’ve got to make up for.


Hope your week was fun filled and healthy. What did you do?



This Week’s Workouts

First things first, It feels so good to be running full time again. I have missed this.

This past week marks the beginning of my marathon training. Even though the Space Coast Marathon is five months away, I still have Ragnar Napa Valley in September to train for, so I am back in the saddle and off with a bang. (Pardon my excessive use of catch phrases) My running coach has created a training plan for me to abide by during the next few months so I am feeling well equipped and fully prepared to take on these training sessions. I’m really excited to see how her guidance and expertise will lend to the progression of my speed, endurance and overall performance.

Of course, my first official day back outside running was a dreary rainy one. 🙁 I decided to just roll with it and embrace the feeling of the cool rain on my 3 miles around the neighborhood. There wasn’t any lightning so I wasn’t too concerned. I kept mostly to the sidewalks for safety purposes and kept my ear buds turned down low. It felt wonderful to get out there and stretch out my legs. A quick 3 miles was over before I really got my groove. I wanted to go longer, but with the impending inclement weather, I thought it best not to push it too far. Besides, Mary, my running coach, only scheduled me for 3 miles and I agree it’s best to ease back into my workouts, seeing how I haven’t been running regularly since before starting INSANITY.

The few easy miles felt great. Actually, it was quite invigorating. One thing is for sure, there was no way I was going to let the wet weather hamper my enthusiasm. I even managed to take a couple pictures, thanks to my water proof iPhone case and arm band.

All Wet

Here I am soaking wet, but feeling good after a great 3 miler back after a two month hiatus.

Running in the rain

Dodging Puddles

Toweling off

The hubby had a nice fluffy towel waiting at the front door for me when I returned. (He’s a sweetie)

Although Tuesday’s run was the highlight of my week, here’s the breakdown of everything I managed to get in this week.

Weekly Workouts

Monday 7/1 – Cross Train I did 45 minutes of upper body work on the Gravity Machine – abs, bis, tris, chest, and back.

Tuesday 7/2 – Easy 3 mile run (in the rain)

Tuesday Easy 3 Miles

Wednesday 7/3 – The inclement weather postponed my regularly scheduled tempo run. Took the day off instead to visit with my hubby who starts his new job on Monday and will be traveling a lot more. We drove over to my folks beach house for an extended stay through the holiday weekend.

Thursday 7/4 – Tempo run Warmed up for 15 minutes then ran at tempo speed for 10 minutes followed by a 15 minute cool down.

Thursday Temp Run

I really need to get a Garmin. This doesn’t display the accurate pace(just an average).

Friday 7/5 – 30 minutes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Saturday 7/6 – 4 Mile Easy (Long) Run This will be the day that I will complete my long runs, which is why I listed that in the parenthesis. I was staying at my parents house on Anna Maria, which is a beautiful location for a morning run, so I look a nice loop around the tip of the island.

Nike run Sat 4 mile


Sunday 7/7 – Rest Day


As an additional bonus to my week, today I signed up for a gym membership. I haven’t had a gym membership in a while (almost 3 years). With my husband traveling a lot more for work now, I am going to be utilizing the gym on a lot of my running days. When he’s home, we have actually decided we are going to be creating our own home gym and I cannot wait to work out in the comfort of my own home. Anyway, normally I would set the alarm for the wee early hours and get my runs in before the hubby left for work. Since his schedule is requiring a larger quantity of travel, I can no longer get my runs in before he leaves in the morning. And since my daughter doesn’t wake up until after 7:30am (which I like and plan to keep that way) and the weather is typical Florida 95 degree summer swelter after sunrise, I’ve got to take to the treadmill if I want to get in my miles. Thankfully, this particular club offers child care for it’s members. Another bonus with the club membership is that I will get to utilize the lap pool for some cross training. I haven’t been able to swim laps since my lifeguarding days. Along with the pool and kids club, I am looking forward to having all the extra amenities available, like the sauna and group exercise classes. This may very well turn into a blessing. I could definitely enjoy getting out of the house for some exercise instead of my usual living room or garage sessions. I think I’ll start with a spin class in the morning.

Do you have a gym or club membership to use when weather or other obstacles don’t allow for your usual outside run?

Last Week’s Workouts

I cannot believe that I only have two more weeks left of INSANITY.  Whoot Whot!!  Even more, it’s hard to believe that I will begin my marathon training next month.  Good thing I went to see the Spirit of the Marathon to get some new inspiration and motivation.  I have to admit that I am going to miss Shaun T and the Insanity posse.  Most likely, I will continue to utilize these workouts during my cross training days.  Speaking of, I got a message from my new running coach this morning.  She is going to start writing up a plan for me soon.  This makes me so excited!!!  I can’t wait to see where this is going to take me.  Now I just need to get a Garmin so I can properly train.  Anybody know of a good sale going on anywhere?







Here’s what I did last week 

Monday 6/10 – Max Cardio Conditioning  Began my #Inversionaday Challenge

I started with a simple headstand

I started with a simple headstand up against the wall.

Tuesday 6/11 – Max Interval Plyo (I accidentally mixed up the days and did the workout for Wednesday on Tuesday)  Followed again with another headstand and some legs up the wall for #inversionaday

Wednesday 6/12 – Max Interval Circuit.  I also worked on another headstand trying to focus on length of time and breathe.

Thursday 6/13 –  Max Recovery   A wonderfully relaxing day for this slightly hungover mommy.  Too many glasses of wine from the night before had me feeling fuzzy.  The #inversionaday was an easy legs up the wall.

Friday 6/14 – Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs  We had a night out for a friends birthday and I completely forgot about my inversion for the day.

Saturday 6/15 – Core Cardio & Balance  I really missed this workout from the recovery week.  My shoulders missed the 3 minute pulse and hold in Plie.  This workout felt great.

Sunday 6/16 –  A complete and total day of rest.  I slept wrong and my neck has been sore so I skipped out on my inversion for the weekend.

How did your week’s workouts go?  What are your focuses and goals?