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Somewhat Silent Saturday

Ballet & Jazz classes begin

Running with my sole sisters is back to normal

Crafting Halloween Costumes has begun (September is not too early)

The Flavor is kicking (I’m running this one with my daughter today – check me out on Snapchat or Insta to follow along)

Siblings acting like they actually like each other.  

These two making me feel good about my role as a mom. 

Boats & Babes

Happy to see his smiling face again. He’s doing really well and so happy since we’ve been out of the hospital.  

This is coming back to town   

What’s so silent today that you’d like to share??

Tropical Storm Colin

Current situation



The effects of Colin are upon us. This morning I woke to bolts of thunder and lightning and ferocious wind banging on mywindows.  It wasn’t the most horrific sound, quite soothing to some, but it doesn’t make for very pretty pictures. The backyard looks like a giant swamp marsh and our pond is quickly filling up.

This however takes me back to a time when all I could need or want was at my finger tips – including a margarita and a back massage. So I’m mentally time traveling back to this vacation as I sit in my living room amidst the chaos of two kiddos trapped indoors during this tropical storm. Viva la Motherhood!

Month in Review May 2016 Edition

I realize it’s already June 6th and we’re already off into a new month.  But I also acknowledge that I have been extremely absent from the blog lately. Life has been anything but easy for us lately and blogging has gotten away from me for far too long. Between a string of colds, viruses and bad luck, it’s been chaos. I’ve been under the weather for the better part of this year.  At least it feels that way.  And when ever I get sick, I know that sleep is the one thing my body craves.  Blogging is a nighttime ritual for me, so unfortunately, it’s the first thing that gets cut from my schedule when I am under the weather and require more shuteye.
Since I have so much to catch everyone up, I’m going to give you the cliff notes version of my last couple of weeks to sum up my absence.  Here goes nothing.

My mother in law came to visit at the beginning of the month. We decided this would be the perfect time to wean our twenty month old son, so we did just that. The night before I left for Denver, I nursed him before bedtime one last time and snuggled him close. I shed a tear as I closed another chapter of the big book of motherhood. There’s another post coming with more details about our decision to wean and all the feelings behind it, but you’ll have to bear with me. It’s taking me a while to put it together.  The process of weaning was not difficult on me because I was away from him for four days when it happened, but it’s been tough even since returning from our trips.  Essentially, Harrison still asks for “boo boo”, but we just tell him it went “bye bye.”   Obviously, there’s lots more to write about on this subject.

Denver Trip & Marathon

I’m still planning to finish my recap of the Colfax Marathon and my trip to Denver, but what I will tell you is this. I loved Denver!!! It’s a beautiful city with so much to offer it’s tourists and residence. The marathon was the toughest race of my life, but I did manage to finish. I walked a lot and wanted to give up for pretty much every mile after the 15K, but I did, in fact, finish. I reconnected with a friend at the expo that I hadn’t seen in TWENTY-FIVE YEARS!!! (I feel so old saying that) and that was incredible!

My daughter and I were able to spend some time together one-on-one while my MIL was in town.  We shopped at all our favorite stores, ate ice cream together, and visited the water park together.  She was brave and went on almost every water slide at the park with me.  It was a very special time for us.  I’ve missed the time alone with my little girl.  Too much of my time is spent trying to juggle between the two kids.  Since she is the eldest, I tend to urge her to do things on her own.  It’s never my intention to ignore her or neglect her, but I know it happens too often, especially since her brother has so many tedious needs.

Hubby and I took a little vacation to Mexico for my cousin’s destination wedding.

We enjoyed our time thoroughly.  I may have enjoyed myself a little too much actually.  My body definitely isn’t used to the constant party atmosphere anymore.  I had a small head cold when we left for the trip, but by the time we returned home on our flight, I had a full blown Mexicoma.

Being that I was nursing a chest cold with more congestion, I neglected to log any mileage this past week for the Runners World #RWRunStreak or Global Running Day.  I had a big fat frowny face the whole week because of this.

Even more so, I arrived at the Best Damn Leftover 5k on Saturday still nursing a cough.  After the multi chapter picture and meet up, I decided to hang back and skip out on the run in favor of volunteering at the finish line handing out waters.

A photo posted by @mrtttampa on

I was sad not to run with my group, but it ended up being the better option for everyone.  I had no idea just how busy those volunteers keep during a big race.  I must’ve handed out seven dozen water bottles that morning.  And it was super duper hot.  So I don’t feel like I missed out on too much.

Now here I am looking at my planner trying to get my week in order so that I can rebound from the hectic month of May and get my act together for June.  It’s not necessarily the most exciting month of the year, but we are starting off with a little tropical depression, so it may actually turn into somewhat of an interesting week.  It does also happen to be the last week of school.  My daughter will officially be in VPK in the fall and attending classes five days a week.  That’s a little reality check for me.

Well, what can I say.  That’s the quick version folks.  Stay tuned for updates on the Denver marathon and our decision to wean Harrison in the next couple days.  I’m crossing my fingers for an easy week.  I hope you have a great week as well.


Ever had a crazy month where everything flew by and you couldn’t seem to catch your breath?

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and welcome to another addition to the Friday Favorites. Today I’m sharing a couple things I’ve recently discovered over the past month. I will warn you, I’ve been on a home improvement kick lately.  And this list will prove so.


This gorgeous pink bedroom setup.  We’re in the process of redecorating my daughter’s room and I just fell in love with this when I saw it.

Pink & Turquoise Big Girl Room
These gorgeous Ralph Lauren espadrilles
 This Magic Mandala beach towel from Vegabond Beach
These stone and crystal bracelets from The Little Market
This complete sneaker collection coffee table book.
This pink ombre dresser from Project Nursery.  
ombre pink dresser
This spa serene green bathroom paint color from Benjamin Moore.
These connectable pizza slice pool floats from Urban Outfitters.   
pizza float single
pizza pool float
What do you think of these?  Anything fit your fancy?

Happy News for Harrison

After almost a year avoiding wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, peas, corn, barley, and oats we are finally able to introduce some new flavors and foods into Harrison’s diet.
It’s been one heck of a journey with lots of sleepless nights and a whole lot of praying, but God is good and he is answering our prayers.
I never imagined I would get so emotional feeding my child cinnamon toast, yet, here I am today, with tears as I watch him devour 2 pieces of regular honey wheat bread.  My heart leaps for joy as I see my son’s ability to finally eat without pain and suffering, and to see him eat with such a voracious appetite.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen such a change in his appetite and acceptance of new foods. It’s been a whirlwind of welcomed change. He displays much more interest in foods and is more adventurous with his offerings. He tastes almost anything offered to him and has become very curious to whatever is being served to anyone else.
His current favorites are sun dried tomato pasta, bell peppers, cinnamon toast, cressant rolls, fruit Cheerios and Popsicles.
For a kid who has lived a boring life of simple meat and potatoes with fruits and veggies, you can imagine the abundance of excitement when those flavorful items are finally allowed into his diet.
This is just a first step in the process, but I felt the need to share with you just how much better little man is doing in such a short turnaround.
He still has more tests that will need to be filled, but this little victory must be celebrated.
Thank you all for the many many thoughts, comments, and prayers for Harrison. Please continue to lift us up when you think of us.