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NYC Training Recap – Weeks 16 and 17

Here we are, a week out from Marathon day and I’ve some how forgotten to recap my last two weeks of training. So here goes a little something, just because I can’t leave you hanging.



Monday – 5 miles @ 9:44 pace   I woke up early and headed out the door right before 5 to meet up with my run group.  We’ve been trying to get more momentum on our weekly group runs and I think we’ve finally got a rhythm.  Mon, Wed, and Saturday have been a pretty regular thing now and I couldn’t be more excited as the chapter leader.  The only bad thing I can say is that we are a bunch of jibber jabbers.  We can talk each other’s ears off any day, and we do.  And that leads to longer than I like walk breaks, which translates to not enough running.  Thankfully, today was not one of those days.  We ran pretty quick as a group and I was pleased with our pace.  And I got to break in a (literally) shiny new pair of running crops.  break-in-crops

Tuesday – Rest & Stretch

Wednesday – 5 miles with double stroller @ 10:17 pace

Thursday – Stretch & foam roll

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 12 miles @ 10.26 pace  You know it’s a good day when you finish your run and you don’t feel tired or sweaty.  The weather was perfect – we are so excited for fall weather in Florida, and that equals a faster pace and an overall accomplished feeling at the completion of this run.  It’s just the right ego boost I needed at this point in my training.

Sunday – Rest & Foam Roll

Total Miles – 22

Afer the previous week and the largest jump of mileage, I was ready for the taper to begin.  My legs surprisingly felt pretty good on Monday, but I knew that I still have plenty of resting to do.  By this point,  the preparation is done.  There’s nothing I can do now to prepare more for this race.  And the upcoming weeks are just about keeping fresh legs and staying injury free.


Monday – 3 Miles @ comfy pace  I ran/walked with a new member of our run group.  I had already told myself that I couldn’t push it to go faster and harder since I was taking a dip in mileage this week.  So I decided to stay behind with one of our newest runners who was doing a run/walk for our 3 miler.

Tuesday – Rest & Stretch

Wednesday – 4 miles @ 9:24 pace  Today we discovered that each one of us was wearing pink in our running attire.  Since it was Wednesday, we had to document the occasion.


I swear, we didn’t plan it, but we may have to make it a regular thing.


Thursday – Yoga

Friday – Rest & Stretch

Saturday – 8 miles @ 9:24 pace

Our group was short a few mamas this weekend, but we still had quite an enjoyable experience.  We even kept the chatting to a minimum and ended up finishing with a nice average.  The weather was gorgeous, again, and, we both wore pink again.


Sunday – Rest & Roll

Total Miles – 15

This week felt more than a little odd.  As with most tapers, I found myself feeling like I wasn’t doing enough.  I wanted to run farther and harder, but I know better, so I stuck with the plan.  I even went a little soft.  Not only did I allow myself to sleep in until 5:30 on Saturday morning (yes, I just said “sleep in until 5:30”), but I took a very leisurely approach to my stretching and foam rolling.  I didn’t force myself to put time aside towards stretching.  Instead, I just rolled and stretched whenever I was sitting on the floor with the kiddos, which equates to many hours in a week.  My daughter finds it very amusing to watch me foam roll on the play mat when she’s playing.  It’s my way of multitasking.  What can I say?

Going into this last week, I have to ease my mind along with my nerves.  The training is already there.  Now it’s just about the nutrition and hydration leading up to race day.  And that means I’ll be drinking Nuun like it’s going out of style.  Pink Lemonade is my flavor of the week.  I also saw on Nuun’s IG page how it can be served hot!  Sounds interesting.  I may try that this week for a change.  Nuun_onthego

Checklists and more checklists will be made and crossed off this week.  I still have a couple last minute items I need to buy before we fly out on Friday, and I have a couple lose ends to take care of with regards to our childcare needs.   We had a little wrench thrown in at the last minute.  My MIL had some unfortunate health concerns, so she can’t make the trip to stay with our son.  Instead, my mother is going to be keeping my son and daughter with a little help from my Aunt.  The biggest obstacle to overcome with watching two kiddos this weekend is working out how my daughter would get to trick or treat.  That’s probably the only downside to this marathon.  We will miss out on all the activities with our kids this year.  But I know they will be in great care with my mom and Aunt.

Now, I wonder how many times I’ll be checking the weather.  The forecast says it’s beautiful.  I mean, like perfect, racing conditions, but I am obsessive and I keep checking it to see if it changes between now and Thursday.  Fingers Crossed it doesn’t change.NYC_weather


What do you try to focus on during the taper?

What do you do the week of your marathon to stay calm and relaxed?



NYC Training Recap – Week 14

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NYC Training Recap Week 14

Monday – Unplanned Rest Day due to massive amounts of rain – took the day to stretch a little (not a lot thought)
Tuesday – 5.2 Miles Ran the little one to school. Took a scenic route back home and forgot to un-pause my Garmin at a crosswalk so it jacked up my avg which always pisses me off. I’m OCD about that.
Wednesday – 6 miles – Felt really good logging these early morning miles. Easy pace with a couple little walk breaks but not necessarily needed.
Thursday – Yoga/Foam Roll Contemplated running another easy five miles, but time got away from me and I wasn’t able to get it done. (moment of weakness)
Friday – Rest Day I literally did nothing this day. No rolling, stretching, soaking or walking. But I guess that’s the whole point of a rest day, isn’t it?
Saturday – 18 miles – 15 miles with MRTT and 3 miles @ Race for the Cure with my daughter
Sunday – Stretch/Foam Roll

After the week I had last week, I was determined to start this week with a steady streak of training runs. Unfortunately, the week started off with rain, so I had to revert to plan B. Thankfully, I was able to get right back on the horse with a solid week of workouts despite the rocky start.

Going back two weeks ago, I just didn’t have much get-up-and-go. I talked about it with some of the moms in my run group and they all agreed that I was probably just getting a little burnt out. Life has been hectic lately with my son’s health problems and all the doctor’s appointments, and then I just found out that I have to have a root canal and some other major dental work, so it’s been difficult to keep the focus on marathon training. I suppose root canal treatment will be beneficial. It will prevent me from having future tooth problems, so I’m looking forward to it in some ways. However, there are just so many distractions right now. Getting my focus back to New York and 26.2 seems to be less important when compared to my and my children’s health, so you could see why I had a rough couple days. But, after taking some time to wallow in my sorrow, I feel better and I’ve got my focus back on finishing up my training.

Truth is, with the race less than a month away, I really don’t have time to take any more time off, even with all the chaos that is circling around our family right now.

Then there’s all those doubts and negative thoughts entering my brain. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have doubted my ability to get through this training. With my hubby’s traveling schedule, my son’s health & sleep regression, my daughter’s first year of school, and my own personal issues, I’ve felt like the entire universe is out to hinder my journey to the start line.

But alas, I have reached the final countdown, so to speak, so I’m setting aside my distractions (as much as a mother can possibly do – which is not much) and focusing on this last crucial week before I begin my taper.

This past training week was an easier week for me. I had my head back where it needed to be and I didn’t have a whole lot of mileage on the schedule, but I knew I needed to compensate for missing out on my 19 miler from the previous week. run-

The schedule only called for 12 miles for Saturday, so I bumped up my long run to 15 and did a couple 5 milers during the week. 5.5 mile run

I was really driven to get each of those runs under my belt and I really lucked out too, because one of the other mamas in my run group was scheduled for 15 miles on Saturday too. So I had someone to talk to for each of those miles.

And then, by sheer dumb luck, I ended up with 18 miles on Saturday because I had totally forgot about my 5k at the Race for the Cure Glow run. Believe it or not, I had plenty of juice still left that evening to push my daughter in the stroller. Of course, I didn’t race the event, because I’m smart like that and didn’t want to risk tripping on the cobblestone streets of the dimly lit course. Actually, I was thankful I had the stroller to push. It acted like a guide to warn me of the uneven bricks. Total lifesaver. Can you imagine if I had twisted an ankle or worse this close to race day? It’d be Spacecoast all over again and I would be devastated.

Now I’ve gotten off topic. Where was I?

Since it was a glow run and for such a great cause, we made it a family affair. My hubby came along for the event and we linked up with the Tampa Bay Bloggers at their tent. Denise, Steph, Chrissy, Raffi and I were able to spend some time chatting as we tailgated before the race.
RFTC Daddy

I got really choked up when they initiated the survivor walk. It was really emotional to see all those ladies walking past knowing that Suncoast Komen played such an important role in their survival. It made us feel really good to know that our participation and donations were going towards helping add more women to that walk for years to come.

Of course we also had to experience the fun side of #RFTC2015 I decided last minute to buy matching mother/daughter tutus from a donation tent along with some glow sticks. Rosalyn had such a blast, and even ran 1.25 miles all on her own two feet. I couldn’t be more excited to see my mini me blossoming into a little runner. She loves to run!

RFTC tutus


Have you ever done the race for the cure?

Do you do small races before a big event or do you avoid them?

What advice do you have for me going into my 20 mile training run?

NYC Training Recap Week 8

Hey Hidey Ho… It’s Monday Tuesday. My post was delayed again. ha!! I’m a slacker for sure.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

We took it pretty easy this weekend since we had a couple sick kiddos.

Rosalyn came down with a cold on Wednesday and even missed two days of her first week at preschool. (sigh) It wasn’t too terrible of a cold, just a lot of sneezing and slimy boogers. Then Harrison woke up Sunday with the same symptoms, so we ended up staying home from church. So to say it was a pretty uneventful weekend is putting it mildly. In fact, other than my 15 miler Saturday morning, I didn’t do anything special. Blah! That sucks to say.

The highlight of my weekend was watching the premiere of the new AMC spinoff Fear The Walking Dead. Did anyone else watch it? I’m totally excited and can’t wait for more action. I really liked the way they are just laying the ground work right now instead of jumping right into the blood and guts. Truthfully, I really just can’t wait until The Walking Dead is back, but I have to wait until October for that, so this should hold me off well enough until then. But I still think it’s going to be an incredible show.

Anyways, workouts were on the light side this week due to a potential injury. I’m still in denial, and I don’t want to jinx myself for talking about it, but I’m concerned about possible plantar fasciitis. After my long run last weekend, I began to experience a little bit of heel pain on my right foot. Knowing what I do, I immediately scaled back on the mileage and started to stretch and roll my foot with a frozen water bottle. I’m praying it’s just bruised and will fade with some TLC. (denial much) If the pain persists, I’ll be making an appointment with a podiatry kansas city. TBD



Yoga & Foam Roll Today was the day my daughter started school for the very first time. I got all caught up in the excitement along with her.

Tuesday 4 miles at 9:15 pace Wednesday Unscheduled Rest Day – I was planing to run before my hubby went out of town, but I just didn’t make it up in time. The baby was up a few times overnight and I just wanted to sleep instead of run. I feel like such a slacker, but waking up at 5am and running 7 miles on 4 hours of sleep then NOT being able to nap or have any help with the kiddos doesn’t motivate me. I think most people understand. Thursday Unscheduled Rest Day – Attempted to run with both kids in the double stroller, but we got rained out. Lighting is my cue to stay home. Really wishing I had a treadmill right about now. Friday Yoga for Runners via Saturday 15 Miles at a 11:51 pace

I used the rest of the day to relax somewhat at my parents house. Seriously didn’t do much except sit around and play with the kiddos. But I rocked the crap out of my Procompression socks with my flip flops at the beach. lol


Stretched, Rolled and Soaked in epsom bath

Total Mileage

19 Miles

Overall, it was an okay week. I didn’t hit my mileage goals like I wanted to, but circumstances keep presenting difficulties. I’m really hoping that I can get into a much needed groove in the upcoming weeks. Hubby is working more from home and is not traveling as much, so there’s hope that I can make running early an option if I get too bombarded with night wakings. I’m also going to be running my daughter to her school once or twice a week, so that should help me get my miles in along with some conditioning in the form of pushing a couple kids in the stroller.

Do you every give yourself a break when life throws difficult situations, or do you push through the circumstances?

How’d your workouts go?

Week 7 NYC Marathon Training

I realize I’m a day behind on reporting my training. Things are still cray cray here in my world. Even more so now that my in-laws have all gone back home. My daughter started school yesterday, so we’ve been focusing on a lot of her needs over the past few days. And then, of course, there’s my son’s ever demanding health needs. That’s a whole other story.

Last week’s training was a doozie.

Why you may ask?

Let me just start by saying how ridiculously dependant I am on carbs for energy, specifically bagels and oatmeal.

This past week has been one of the most difficult training weeks I’ve endured since I began running.

I’m not saying that I can’t live without starches for energy. I’m just saying I’m not used to it and need to educate myself on better means.

Two weeks ago, I received word about Harrison’s allergy testing. His test results showed he has severe sensitivities to Gluten, Egg Whites, and Cow’s Whey. And he’s moderately sensitive to Oats, Barley, Peas and Corn.

In a normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be too complicated of a diagnosis. I could simply modify his diet, but since he’s still reliant on breastmilk for his nutrition (which is still a touchy subject), I’m forced to alter my eating to avoid any and all sensitive ingredients. This means I am currently eating a Gluten, Dairy, Egg Free Diet. If I wasn’t training for an endurance event, it may be a little easier to operate. However, due to the absence of some of the more quick fuel options from my diet, I’ve been dragging ass (to put it bluntly). I’ve especially felt the absence of my bagel and peanut butter for my long runs breakfast.

With the deficiency of my usual breakfast, I have been running on fumes. And that’s translated into my training as well. I barely managed to get in my week day runs. But, hallelujah, I managed all fourteen miles of my long run Sunday. It was only by the grace of God that I was able to finish – I owe half of my effort to the company of my MRTT run group. A few of us ladies started at 5am together for the first half of my training run. I am so thankful for my fellow mother runners. Moms Run This Town has been such an amazing accountability and social facet of my training. And even more so now that we have more group runs scheduled throughout the weekdays finally. I’m really proud and excited to see my chapter taking off so well.

Yesterday my hubby and I booked our flights for NYC. And today we finalized our hotel arrangements. We’ll be staying at a hotel in Times Square. I’m thrilled to be staying in Manhattan for a change. I’ve been to New York many times, but I’ve NEVER stayed in the city. I know our trip for the marathon is not going to be a leisurely stay, but I am still stoked to be staying at a fancy New York hotel for the event. It will make the experience a little more memorable and will also make the commute to and from the race a little easier. My hubby booked us the Marathon Package at our hotel which includes a 20% discount on spa packages (that I probably won’t use, but I’ll definitely need), a METRO card for the subway, a bottle of celebratory champagne for post-race celebrations, and a late check-out the day after the race. It’s not much, but it still gets me excited thinking about it.

Now, how about that training.


Monday – 21 Day Fix Upper Body & Plyo

My in-laws were leaving to go stay in Orlando with some other family members. I didn’t have much juice in my tank, so I took it somewhat easy and stayed indoors in the air conditioning to do some home workouts. I don’t mind working out at home now that we’ve got a HVAC system. Although, it did break down the other day which was annoying. I found an Air Conditioner Repair company and it was all sorted within a day, so it wasn’t too much of an issue. It just meant I had to work out at the gym rather than at home!

Tuesday Unplanned Rest Lazy Day in Orlando with Family

We traveled to Orlando to meet up with family and played at the resort. They have a water park attached to the facilities, so we took our daughter and enjoyed a little fun in the sun. It didn’t translate into a productive day for my workouts, but I was happy to keep a low profile and relax a little more.

Wednesday – 6 miles on treadmill at resort

The weather was hot and overcast and I just didn’t want to run outside. I did, however, decide to take full advantage of the gym at the hotel. It was super convenient to have dozens of treadmills available inside with air conditioning. I fell in love momentarily with the idea of a treadmill.

Thursday – Unplanned Rest Day Chaotic Day with kiddos

Uneventful day of laundry and playing around with the kiddos. My hubby had to travel for work and my in-laws returned back to Panama. (sigh)

Friday – Stretch & Yoga

Today was the day of Harrison’s doctors appointment. We had a rough day and I was thankful for a little rest & yoga.

Saturday – Scheduled Long Run Postponed until Sunday due to hubby being out of town

I had to pick up hubby from the airport, then we visited with our friend who just had her baby.

Sunday – 14 miles

Completed half the milage with a couple moms from my run group, then finished up the lot by myself.

How did your week and workouts pan out?

Do you prefer to run on the treadmill during hot Summer days?

How do you cope with the heat and humidity?

NYC Here I Come!

Imagine my shock as I open up my email inbox yesterday and read the preview on my acceptance message from NYRR.  



I literally said “WHAT?”  (with a high pitch shrieking sound)

This wasn’t supposed to happen.  I was supposed to get rejected and told to try again next year.  At least that’s what I thought would happen on the first year I attempt to enter the TCS New York City Marathon lottery.  You might ask why I entered the lottery.  Well, my plan was to one day run the NYC Marathon.  And runners who have been denied entry through the lottery three years in a row are guaranteed a spot in the marathon.  My thought process was that I would most likely be denied for 2014, 2015 and 2016.   Then that would make my entry guaranteed for 2017.  That’s plenty of time to train, right?  (I joke)   But seriously.  I’m pregnant.  I am actually due to give birth nine weeks before the November 2nd race date.   Do you think I’ll be ready to run 26.2 nine weeks after delivering a baby?   I don’t think so.  I don’t know how I’ll feel about running 2.62 miles nine weeks after birthing a baby.  


What kind of dumb luck do I have to have to get selected for the lottery from one of the most difficult races to gain access.  Competitor estimates that 1 in 6 entries are accepted.   Maybe I should play the real lottery.  

So what are my choices?  Well….. I can defer to 2015 and be guaranteed entry, BUT (and this is a big but) I will have to pay a second time.  Yep, you heard that right.  I won’t be refunded for this year’s entry.  There’s no grace period, no mercy rule, no refunds or exchanges.  It’s just my dumb luck. 



Oh well….. it’ll be a good story for my kid one day.  He can tell his friends how his mom missed out on running the NYC Marathon in 2014.  BUT (here’s another big but) I will run the NYC Marathon…… in 2015!!!  


My first full marathon is going to be the NYC Marathon.  (Happy Dance)  

How much of a post-pregnancy motivator is that gonna be?  

It’ll be just like after the first pregnancy when I – on a whim – decided to start training for a half marathon.  

So even though I won’t be running NYC this fall with the half dozen other folks that I know, I will run it one day.  That’s for sure.  And that makes me extremely happy and looking positively towards my running future.  

Do you know anyone who was accepted to the NYC Marathon?