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Five Ways to Practice Gratitude in Your Life

First and foremost, I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. We spent the day at my grandparents house where we dined on all the traditional thanksgiving dishes. It was a blast and I’m so thankful I was able to share the day with my family.

Today’s topic for the Friday Five is centered around gratitude and I love this idea.  In a world so corrupt and full of cynics, it’s good to take a moment every day, not just at Thanksgiving, to reflect on the ways that we are blessed.  That’s why today I wanted to share five ways to practice gratitude in your life.  



 1.  Start a Happiness/Gratitude Journal –  I really like this one available on Amazon.  It prompts you with quotes and questions that get your thankfulness juices flowing.  It’s a great way to acknowledge the little things we may not typically think about being thankful for.

happy journal


2.  Pay a Compliment to Someone Every Day  – Tell your spouse or friend how you appreciate them.  Leave a note, send them a text message, send an e-card, or give them a verbal confirmation of your appreciation.thank you post it

3.  Spend Your Mornings in Prayer  –  I like to spend the first five minutes of my day with a devotional.  Thanks to Courtney, I’ve discovered First Five which is an awesome devotional app for iPhone and droid users.  I’ve also heard Jesus Calling is another great option. give thanks to the Lord

4.   Live Mindfully  –  Disregard the past and try not to focus too much on the future.  Take every day with a grateful viewpoint and try to be present in every moment.  Be Present

5.  See the opportunity for growth in your mistakes and shortcomings – View every situation as an opportunity to learn.  If you fall, dust yourself off and try again.  If you have an area of weakness, consider it an possibility for advancement.    SOMETIMES_YOU_WIN_LEARN

What habits do you practice that allow you to focus on gratitude?

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving?

This post is part of the Friday Five linkup with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia.