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Last Week’s Workouts – Week Three of Insanity Max 30

Week of February 2, 2015

Week in Workouts


Monday – Max 30 Cardio Challenge/3 miles with double stroller.
Tuesday – Max 30 Tabata Strength/2 miles with double stroller
Wednesday – Max 30 Sweat Intervals
Thursday – PiYo upper body focus
Friday – Rest and stretch
Saturday – 13.1 miles at Best Damn Race Safety Harbor
Sunday – 90 minute Yin Yoga, foam roll

Can we just say WOW! I’m loving the changes I’m beginning to see with my body. I’m not even talking about any weight loss, as of yet. I’m talking about baby muscles. I’m actually starting to see my biceps and triceps returning to the surface and my waist is beginning to sculpt back into existence. YAY!!! Non Scale Victory Over Here!!! This week was another successful one. I took it really easy with the Max 30 workouts because I had a half marathon on Saturday. I was pacing my girlfriend for her first half, so I didn’t plan to go all out, but I wanted to feel healthy for the whole thing and support her through it. So I did mostly modified versions of the Max 30 workouts Monday thru Wednesday and took it really low key with some PiYo on Thursday. I completely skipped workouts on Friday and stuck to just some light stretching and foam rolling. I was feeling fresh and ready for the half on Saturday and I think I did pretty well. Especially since I haven’t been running many days or many miles on my running days because of focusing on the Max 30 workouts. It’s been a great addition to my training and it’s really starting to help me with my endurance too.


After doing more reading into antiperspirant vs deodorant something I was able to try during my workouts these past few weeks and got to test out in it’s full entirety is the new dry spray antiperspirant from Degree. DrySprayI was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary sample of this in my influenster #voxbox. I have to say, I haven’t used a spray on deodorant or antiperspirant since my college softball days, and I was a little skeptical at first. I used to love spray antiperspirant back in the day, but I hated the mess it made on my clothes. The first day I tried the dry spray, I was surprised by the clean and clear application. It didn’t stain up my shirts and it sprayed on completely dry, not sticky, or wet. And it truthfully lasted through the entire day and throughout my workouts. It goes on smooth and dry and lasts through the day with a fresh scent.

With such an active lifestyle chasing after my kids and making it through my intense Max 30 workouts, I’m happy to have an antiperspirant that keeps me dry and feeling fresh.

Have you ever tried dry spray antiperspirant? Does your deodorant make it through the day?

Weekly Workouts Recap

Unfortunately, this week wasn’t very productive for me. I was looking forward to starting 2014 off with a bang, but that wasn’t in the cards.  My body had other plans.  

I had originally planned a run for New Year’s Day, but was so sick that I decided to keep it mellow in the recliner.  I started sneezing new year’s eve, and went to bed around 1a.m. but didn’t feel sick until I woke up on new year’s day.  Actually, I felt pretty gross. And I’ve spent the past two days curled up in the same spot, sipping on cold & flu elixir.


The good news is that I got to catch up on a lot of blog reading.  The unfortunate part is that I didn’t get any quality workouts in this first week of the year, and I’m pretty bummed about that.  

It’s kinda hard to go for a run when you can’t breathe.  And don’t even try to do yoga. The second you turn upside-down for the first downward dog, your head will feel like it’s about to explode.   


Since the week was pretty uneventful in the fitness department, I’m not going to write out my usual assessment.  I’ll just say, I was able to get in one run on Monday.  I ran 5.16 miles at a 9:40 average pace.  It was a great run, and I had plenty of time to think about my running goals for the year while I was out.  

I didn’t write out my running specific goals like the majority of the blogging population. Instead I’m just sharing a little collage of what I have hoped for the year.  


One of my running goals is to log 1,000 miles in 2014.  I really feel like this is a good number for me to reach towards.  I also want to focus a little more on speed work and cross training.  My main goal is to stay healthy and injury free, so I’m going to implement regular cycling and swimming into my schedules. My hubby might even buy me a Spinner bike for my birthday – which is this month.  

As far as races go, I only have two races on the books as of now:  Best Damn Race Safety Harbor and Orlando.  I’m shooting to complete my first half with a sub 2:00 finish.  That’s the objective.  We have less than a month until Safety Harbor, and then there’s Orlando, so we’ll see.  Of course, there are other races that I’m still looking into.  And don’t forget that I’m doing the Spartan Special Ops in February.  That’s gonna be a tough race.   And of course, only time will tell if I ever decide to train for another marathon.  I looked into a fall marathon, but I’m not too enticed by the local Florida marathons.  I’d love to do the Chicago marathon as my first, but I just don’t know if it’d be in the cards for me this year.  I don’t have to make a decision just yet, so we’ll leave it at that.  

As far as the rest of my goals for 2014, I’d like to take a sewing class – or learn from my mother, start speaking more Spanish and I want to keep the house more organized in hopes of selling it to move to a larger one.  We have outgrown our house by just a little bit and we are currently looking at 4 and 5 bedrooms.  Essentially, since my husband now works from home, we need a dedicated office for him to use.  And we are planning to add to our family sometime soon, so 5 bedrooms would be perfect for our clan.   Plus, you know we always have family and friends come visit us, so that extra bedroom would get lots of use. (We actually have our cousins from North Carolina staying with us tonight)  We are like a hostel up in here.    Lastly, I am studying for my NASM-CPT and so I plan to finish that sometime in late February or early March.  That is a BIG priority for me.  Lots of studying between now and then.  

I am always trying to think of new ways to better myself, so I don’t want to pigeonhole myself to only the goals listed above.  I like to reevaluate myself every month and decide where and what I’m going to focus on at that particular time.  At this particular time, I’m going to focus on going to bed, because I want to run tomorrow morning.  I’m finally able to breathe, so I gotta get in those miles.  I start the counter tomorrow!!!!  

Hope you all are feeling good and keeping warm.  Have a good week.  

Week in Review 12/2 – 12/8

After last weekend’s half marathon, I took a couple days off to relax and let my sore legs recuperate.  I was in a little bit of pain after a grueling finish on Sunday’s race, so I utilized my four favorite post race tools to assist me in getting back to feeling good: my foam roller, ProCompression socks, an ice pack and my account.     Lots of stretching and yoga always helps me recover after a tough workout.  

I took a couple days off from T-25 also.  I did, however, manage to sneak in a lot of family fun in my down time.  I took my daughter to the mall twice for a play date.  She loves to run around the playground with the other kids, and I usually let her ride the carousel while we’re there too.  She has such a blast, and it allows her to get out some of that toddler energy.  We did a little bit of Christmas shopping while we were there on Wednesday.  


My hubby had been out of town most of the week, so when he flew back home, we decided to spend some quality time together, which meant ordering take out……



Friday night we had a nice little evening out at Busch Gardens’ Christmas Town.  This was the first year we have taken our daughter to a Christmas themed event, so this was a nice little treat for all of us.  There were over a million lights strung up throughout the park and they had a separate area with snow themed activities for the whole family.  



There were a lot of characters from the Madagascar show taking pictures with everybody outside their theatre.  We took pictures with the Skipper and Kowalski, then got to see King Julian and Mort on their way out.  

Rossi likes to “Move it Move it.”



Rosalyn and I got to meet the Skipper & Kowalski from Madagascar.

Rosalyn and I got to meet the Skipper & Kowalski from Madagascar.





 Saturday morning I joined a group of local runners for the kickoff of their 12 week training program with the Runvie Racing group.  I was there to talk about and represent the Best Damn Race.  



Actually, after I chatted with the group, I took advantage of the event and went for a run with the group.  We did a couple hill repeats over a small overpass, which reminded me that I should regularly include more of these in my workouts, and then we set out for a quick little 3 miles through the area.  

It felt nice to run with a group, instead of being alone, but it made me realize how much I don’t like to talk when I run.  (even when I’m just trotting through a n easy 3 miler)  I think it’s kind of ironic, because I’m such a chatty Cathy before and afterwards.  I’m actually planning to join a local running club since I’m not working anymore.  

Here’s the rest of my workouts.  

Monday – R.I.C.E.    Lots of relaxation in the recliner with the legs up.

Tuesday – Another easy day of Yin yoga and stretching.  

Wednesday – T-25 

Thursday – T-25

Friday – Unplanned rest day.  I had a hair appointment during my usually scheduled time slot, and we all know that hair appointments trump workouts.  j/k

Saturday – 4 miles with the Runvie group

Sunday – Rested up at the beach house where we celebrated my mother’s birthday.  


I definitely took advantage of my easy week, but I’m planning to get right back at it tomorrow with T-25 and marathon training.  My next half is just eleven weeks away, so I’ve got some focusing to do.  

How was your week?  Do you ever run with a running group?  


November Goals & Changes

First of all, I cannot believe we are already into the first week of November. If this weekend dictates the speed at which this month is going to fly by, we are in for a whirlwind of celebrations and festivities.

Let me explain.

First of all, this weekend was one of my closest and dearest of friends’ wedding. Her and I have known one another since 1997, where we met during lifeguard certification class at the water park where we worked during our summer vacation. We were partnered up for a swimming exercise where we had to tow one another across the pool by buoy. She’s all of five foot one and I’m five feet nine inches, so it wasn’t exactly an even match. I might’ve slightly assisted her in towing me, so naturally, we bonded and became besties.

I was honored to be part of her wedding party and even more excited to celebrate with her and her family on her special day. We started our wedding festivities Friday night after rehearsals and the celebrations continued through the weekend until brunch on Sunday morning.

{Lots of alcohol and sugary treats were served and I most definitely indulged in those items}

Then yesterday we had to leave the hotel promptly following brunch to head across town to my Great Uncle Tony’s ninetieth birthday party.

Being part of a large Italian family is wonderfully special, but it is detrimental to a diet. And whenever the entire family gathers for special occasions, there is always a spread larger than most wedding receptions. All of my favorite foods were laid out and calling my name. I figured “When in Rome.” I ate deviled crabs, scachatta (an italian version of cold pizza), baked zitti, cuban sandwiches and baked goodies, including birthday cake. It was all very good, but way too many calories for someone who took a week off from the gym.


Today is a brand new day and this marks the beginning of my new “November Beginnings.” I hadn’t mentioned this to anyone yet, but my husband and I are starting a challenge for ourselves. Beginning today, we are altering our diets towards a clean, low calorie daily intake around 1,500 calories. I am going to continue with my training – as best I can with my knee issues – and we are both starting Focus T-25.


Remember when I did Insanity? Well, this is supposed to be extremely similar to Insanity, but with NO WATER BREAKS and shortened to only 25 minutes a day – which is something that really appeals to this busy mommy. My husband is going to perform the workouts in his hotel room while he is on the road traveling and I will either workout early before the baby wakes up or during her afternoon naps. Today it is going to be the latter.

In addition to the workouts, we will be cutting out all sugary drinks (which I don’t struggle with, other than my coffee creamers), substituting white starches for whole grains, drinking 60 ounces of water daily, cutting out alcoholic beverages (except on our special occasion days like our anniversary & his b-day, both of which are this month), and most difficultly not snacking off the baby’s plate at meal times (I am super guilty of this).

Another program that begins today is my NASM CPT Training. NASM_ CPT I’ll have to devote 6-10 hours a week towards studying and homework so I’ll apologize now if my blogging falls a little behind. I might have to keep the posts short and sweet for a while as I’ll be focusing a lot of my energy into free NASM practice test questions.

I am looking forward to another stellar month ahead and cannot wait for all the activities that will follow. My husband and I are celebrating our three year wedding anniversary tomorrow and then we have both my husband’s and our daughter’s birthdays the same week as Thanksgiving. It’s going to be a great month.

What goals do you have for this month? Are you looking forward to any special occasions?

Bargain Finds and Last Weeks Workouts

This hasn’t been the most productive of weeks.  I’m still feeling very tight in my legs, mostly my quads, but I’ve just chalked that up to needed recovery after my hilly Ragnar Relay in Napa.  I started the week off with a rest day and then went into my scheduled training plan.  After enduring a little discomfort early on in the week, I scaled back and decided to take a little extra rest to fully recuperate.  I absolutely HATE having to miss out on more training runs, especially only two months out from my marathon.

On a good note, I finally bought a foam roller this week; I found it at T.J. Maxx along with some other awesome accessories.  I felt like a real Maxxinista after finding these gems. {wink wink}  T.J. Maxx has an entire section devoted to fitness, and I’ll tell you first hand, a runner could get a lot of great deals here.  I found Brooks arm warmers {for those four days during the Florida winter where I’ll actually need them}, a foam roller, and a hydration belt.  I definitely scored on these purchases.  

Foam Roller

arm warmers

 BTW  Have you been following or participating in the Instagram #Parkesdale #Octogram Photo Challenge?   If you haven’t, make sure to check out my posts from the Challenge here…..  It’s been a real hoot seeing everybody’s pictures.  I love these types of challenges, fun for everyone.  It’s not too late to join in on the fun.   Check out the details here to join.  Here’s a few samples from my Instagram page.  




Last week’s workouts

Monday 9/30 –  Rest Day

Tuesday 10/1 – 3 Mile Run (Treadmill)  5 Miles on the bike  Legs felt really tight and sore. Waited for them to wake up and get into the groove, but that never happened. 

Wednesday 10/2 – 60 min Vinyasa Flow yoga

Thursday 10/3 – Took an extra rest day

Friday 10/4 – Arms and Back (Kettle ball and Gravity machine) Legs were still feeling out of whack so decided to wait another few days to attempt to run.  Plus the baby came down with a little cold, so my workouts were cut short prematurely.  

Saturday 10/5 – {we’re gonna call this an easy workout day}  I went to Busch Gardens with my family.  The little one had such a great time at the Madagascar show.  She ate popcorn for the first time and danced through the whole show.   Estimated mileage covered over the day: 3 miles  

Sunday 10/6 – Attempted my 10 mile long run, but had to cut it short at 6 miles due to pain in my knee again.   This week I’ll be implementing more hip strengthening exercises to combat the knee issues.  


I’m looking forward to a fresh new week with new focus on accountability.  I tend to skip out on workouts when my husband is in town, but this week i’m going to make sure not to slack off at all.  I have a bachelorette weekend scheduled this weekend too, so I definitely cannot miss any training sessions during the week.  I’m still trying to figure out when to schedule my long run for the week.  I might have to make it Friday, ’cause I sure ain’t going to do it during the trip.  =)  We are going to Epcot on Saturday for the Food and Wine festival and I am really looking forward to the celebrations, but I have to make sure not to over do it with the food & alcohol. I know it’s easier said than done, but I’m absolutely going to make a conscious effort to stay within my limits.


How were your workouts last week?   Do you try to limit your food and alcohol consumptions during special events and celebrations, or do you just allow for a “cheat day?”