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Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend. It’s been a long two weeks for me. I’ve been alone with two kiddos while my hubby has been out of town. This weekend not only signifies a little family time, it means I get to enjoy some much needed alone time. And by alone time, I mean I get to run alone for an hour.
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Today we’re talking about things that make us happy. For me, there are many many things, so this list was a tough one. I ended up making it pretty vague to include most of my favorite things, but you’ll get the gist of it.



Family & Friends   Spending time with family & friends is definitely the number one on my list.  These days the majority of my time is spent with my two little ones (who I love dearly, but could use a break from), so any excuse to have friends and family together for some adult conversation is thoroughly enjoyed, if not absolutely mandatory for my sanity.

Good Music  I’m a bit of a music junkie.  Being that I’m the daughter of a drummer makes me predisposed to loving music. I’ve always found joy in music.  All through my life, the right music would lift my mood and put a smile on my face, occasionally, it even got me to dance.

Delicious food & wine.  Who doesn’t appreciate good food?   Call me gluttonous or call me whatever.  I love good food, and I am not afraid to admit I can chow down.  Give me a couple slices of pizza and a bottle of wine and I’m a happy girl.

A Clean House  Okay, this might not actually make me happy, but it keeps me from getting upset.  A clean, well organized house is mood altering.  What do they say about making your bed every morning?  It can boost your happiness levels.  Seriously, try it every day for a week and see if you’re happier.

Running   Okay, this is a no-brainer.  Aside from the stress release, quality alone time and the endorphins, there’s a certain sense of accomplishment and pride that I get from finishing a run.  And that makes me overjoyed.  shoot husbands

quality time

What makes you happy?


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15 thoughts on “Things that make me happy”

  1. The clean house point is a good one, and I agree with you it might not necessarily make you happy but for me, it keeps me from feeling stressed and a slob, lol. I always make my bed every morning, I don’t feel accomplished if I don’t…oh and clean dishes! I hate leaving for work in the morning and the dishes are still sitting in the sink from dinner the night before.

  2. Holy cow, Haley; I had no idea you’d been “home alone” for two weeks – GAH! You deserve more than a one hour run alone, I think – ha! I agree with you on the clean house; I’ll fully admit that I hate doing it, but the feeling of satisfaction when it’s done is amazing…while it lasts! I hope you have a wonderful run and a nice weekend!

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