This Week’s Workouts

First things first,  It feels so good to be running full time again.  I have missed this.

This past week marks the beginning of my marathon training.  Even though the Space Coast Marathon is five months away, I still have Ragnar Napa Valley in September to train for, so I am back in the saddle and off with a bang. (Pardon my excessive use of catch phrases) My running coach has created a training plan for me to abide by during the next few months so I am feeling well equipped and fully prepared to take on these training sessions.  I’m really excited to see how her guidance and expertise will lend to the progression of my speed, endurance and overall performance.

Of course, my first official day back outside running was a dreary rainy one.  🙁   I decided to just roll with it and embrace the feeling of the cool rain on my 3 miles around the neighborhood.  There wasn’t any lightning so I wasn’t too concerned.  I kept mostly to the sidewalks for safety purposes and kept my ear buds turned down low.  It felt wonderful to get out there and stretch out my legs.  A quick 3 miles was over before I really got my groove. I wanted to go longer, but with the impending inclement weather, I thought it best not to push it too far. Besides, Mary, my running coach,  only scheduled me for 3 miles and I agree it’s best to ease back into my workouts, seeing how I haven’t been running regularly since before starting INSANITY.

The few easy miles felt great. Actually, it was quite invigorating.  One thing is for sure, there was no way I was going to let the wet weather hamper my enthusiasm.  I even managed to take a couple pictures, thanks to my water proof iPhone case and arm band.

All Wet

Here I am soaking wet, but feeling good after a great 3 miler back after a two month hiatus.

Running in the rain

Dodging Puddles

Toweling off

The hubby had a nice fluffy towel waiting at the front door for me when I returned. (He’s a sweetie)

Although Tuesday’s run was the highlight of my week, here’s the breakdown of everything I managed to get in this week.

Weekly Workouts

Monday 7/1 –  Cross Train    I did 45 minutes of upper body work on the Gravity Machine – abs, bis, tris, chest, and back.

Tuesday 7/2 – Easy 3 mile run (in the rain)

Tuesday Easy 3 Miles

Wednesday 7/3 – The inclement weather postponed my regularly scheduled tempo run.   Took the day off instead to visit with my hubby who starts his new job on Monday and will be traveling a lot more.  We drove over to my folks beach house for an extended stay through the holiday weekend.

Thursday 7/4 – Tempo run   Warmed up for 15 minutes then ran at tempo speed for 10 minutes followed by a 15 minute cool down.

Thursday Temp Run

I really need to get a Garmin. This doesn’t display the accurate pace(just an average).

Friday 7/5 – 30 minutes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Saturday 7/6 – 4 Mile Easy (Long) Run  This will be the day that I will complete my long runs, which is why I listed that in the parenthesis.  I was staying at my parents house on Anna Maria, which is a beautiful location for a morning run, so I look a nice loop around the tip of the island.

Nike run Sat 4 mile


Sunday 7/7 – Rest Day


As an additional bonus to my week, today I signed up for a gym membership.  I haven’t had a gym membership in a while (almost 3 years).  With my husband traveling a lot more for work now, I am going to be utilizing the gym on a lot of my running days.  Ordinarily I would set the alarm for the wee early hours and get my runs in before the hubby left for work.  Since his schedule is requiring a larger quantity of travel, I can no longer get my runs in before he leaves in the morning. And since my daughter doesn’t wake up until after 7:30am (which I like and plan to keep that way) and the weather is typical Florida 95 degree summer swelter after sunrise, I’ve got to take to the treadmill if I want to get in my miles.  Thankfully, this particular club offers child care for it’s members.  Another bonus with the club membership is that I will get to utilize the lap pool for some cross training.  I haven’t been able to swim laps since my lifeguarding days.  Along with the pool and kids club,  I am looking forward to having all the extra amenities available, like the sauna and group exercise classes.  This may very well turn into a blessing.  I could definitely enjoy getting out of the house for some exercise instead of my usual living room or garage sessions.   I think I’ll start with a spin class in the morning.

Do you have a gym or club membership to use when weather or other obstacles don’t allow for your usual outside run?

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