Two Year Sleep Regression & Endorphines for Energy

Who needs sleep right before vacation? Obviously, not me.

My son kept me up half the night with God knows what regression he’s experiencing.His sleeping patterns these past few weeks have been a little weird and out of the usual.   He wakes up at 2 or 3am and acts all scared, then I bring him into my bed, or I take him into his sisters bed if she’s already in our bed, and coax him back to sleep.   Last night, he never went back to sleep.  He tossed and turned, and after an hour or so, I gave him the iPad.  I tried to sleep while he watched cartoons but it was a lost cause.  Around 5am, when I was supposed to be getting up to go running, he decided he was hungry and wanted to eat.   I told him “no” and shut down the iPad and tried to get him to sleep again.  He began crying and whining and did so for about another hour.   Finally at 6:30, I woke up my husband and daughter for school.  And I really wanted to go back to sleep, especially since I’m flying to California today for a girls trip, but somehow, instead, I mustered the determination to get my butt out of bed and run 4 miles.

I can best describe these four miles as “angry miles”   

Angry I couldn’t sleep. Angry my son is having ANOTHER sleep regression.   Angry for being cursed with a child who sleeps terribly – probably a punishment from my rebellious younger life. Angry for having to choose between sleeping and running with my run group at 5am.  Angry for taking it out on my family when I should be thanking them for allowing me to escape today and take a vacation. 

 But you know what? After four angry miles, I’m not so angry anymore. I’ve got a little high and pep in my step.   I don’t feel so much frustration towards my son.  Granted, I won’t be here to tonight or tomorrow morning, or the whole weekend to deal with him if he wakes up while I’m gone, so maybe that’s why I feel a little better – and God knows I’m going to sleep so well over the weekend without a child kicking me or trying to climb on my face while I’m sleeping.  

And I think I may just make it today.   I may just have enough endorphins to get me on my flight tonight and let me pass out on the 5 hour flight out to California to see my best friend.  

And if not, I can always get up and run tomorrow morning for that extra rush.  
How do you make it through those sleepless nights??   Any secrets for dealing with sleep regression at two years old??

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