(Un) Happy to Serve You

Even though I did not feel well, and tried to get called off from the restaurant, I reluctantly had to work a full shift behind the bar last night. I went in with a bad attitude and a weak body. I felt very weak, like I couldn’t stand up straight.  I began my shift with a stint of moping around and avoiding contact with guests. Around 6:30pm I was forced to suck it up and get down to business. So I did what I usually do when I’m sick at work. I put on a smile and stifled my agony and went about the motions.
It was an extremely slow night and it was difficult to keep my focus off my throbbing headache and sore throat. I continued to drink hot tea throughout most of the day, but by the time I got to work, I couldn’t think of another cup.   So instead, I asked the kitchen for some French onion soup broth to sip on behind the bar. It not only was a tasty change for my taste buds, but it soothed my raw throat. I was so thankful for that.
I waited on less than 10 guests all evening and had very little cleanup at the end of the night. I was relieved to walk out the doors at 11pm to make my way home. Once I got home, i shot back some NyQuil, showered, brushed my teeth, changed into a t-shirt and slid into bed. I was asleep in less than 5 minutes.
As I was laying in bed this morning, i was shocked and surprised at how much better I felt. I had been doubtful that it would happen without extra sleep, but my immune system is solid and has kicked this crap out of my body.  I still have a little scratchy throat and some drainage, but my muscle ache is gone and my head feels clear again.

So what does that mean for my work week?    Well, for starters, that means that I’ll be continuing my training towards my Iron Girl.  I’m going to start today with some immune boosting yoga.  By stimulating the lymphatic system, yoga can aid in pushing toxins out of my body, and by bringing oxygenated blood to my organs, it ensures optimal function.  I highly recommend this for any athlete recovering from a cold before returning to their training schedule.

I won’t be running again until tomorrow and I don’t plan to do any weight lifting until Thursday, so I’ll just make this an additional day of rest and recuperating.    I have 9 miles scheduled for Saturday morning and I’ll most likely pound out another 5 on Friday before my softball game.  As a side note, I’m really excited to play softball this Friday.  I’ve been absent the past two weeks due to work commitments, so I’m really pleased to finally be returning to the diamond.  It was my first love.

My husband and I are meeting some friends of ours in Orlando this weekend, so I had to rearrange some of my normal running routine in order to adjust to our weekend getaway.  I’m easily swayed from my training during a vacation, so I decided to switch up my long run from Sunday to Saturday.   We have dinner reservations with our friends on Saturday night and I know that I don’t have the self control to refuse a second or third glass of wine.  So it’s best to get the long run out of the way early in the weekend.  I’m sure I’ll really appreciate that preparedness on Sunday morning.  Hopefully, I’ll be feeling 100% by then.

How do you change up your training schedule when you are sick?  What about changing your schedule due to a conflict?

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