USF Homecoming Recap

College Life.

Oh, how I miss the carefree college days. What I would give to take a trip in the Dolorean to have a redo during that phase of my life.

You might say that I enjoyed my college days just a little bit, maybe a little too much, if I’m being honest. So when the opportunity presented itself to attend the USF Homecoming game, I became nostalgic for my college football days and couldn’t wait to share the experience with my entire family.


I haven’t been to a college football game in quite a long time. I’ve been to plenty NFL games, but since leaving college over 10 years ago, I just haven’t had the opportunity to attend a college game. There’s quite a different feel between the two and I admit that I prefer college football to the profession league.USFHomecomingGame

Earlier that morning, I had my twenty mile training run. I was a little more than tired from my workout, but I readied the kiddos and loaded everything up in the SUV regardless. I knew we had an exciting day ahead of us, so my legs would just have to suck it up.

I coordinated before the game to meet up with my old college roommate. She lives here in Tampa and I hadn’t seen her since she had her baby girl a couple months ago. We were both thrilled to be getting out of the house for a change, especially for the occasion.

Upon arrival inside the stadium, we headed straight towards the concession stands. My hubby and daughter were looking for the full football game experience, and that equaled popcorn and hotdogs.


Once we got settled into our seats, we propped the kids up on our laps so they could see the game and we cheered on the Bulls. We had a nice view of the cheerleaders so we cheered along with them as they cheered “Green and Gold.”


My son was quite the distraction for those around us though. Even the cheerleaders kept making googily eyes at him. But he loves the attention, and it kept his attention long enough so we could watch the game.


We kept an eye out for the mascot and anything else that was sure to captivate the kiddo’s attention. Luckily, Rocky, the Bulls’ mascot. and Hootie, the Hooters owl, were close by causing a scene. They have a little rivalry that they like to act out at the games, and we just happened to witness the whole scene. My daughter even score a high five with Rocky.


Before we knew it, halftime was upon us. The marching band played an exciting set of movie tunes, including a tribute to the movie Back to the Future. It’s one of my all time favorite films, so I found myself humming along to the tune. My daughter paid close attention to the color guards and baton twirlers. She was captivated by the flaming batons. The twirler proceeded to toss each of the three batons high into the air systematically catching and releasing each with precise concentration. It was really well executed and I think I have a new found respect for the talent these performers possess.

Soon enough the band stopped playing, the crowds of spectators began to pile back into the stadium seats as the third quarter was initiated by the officials. We watched each down on the edge of our seats. it really was quite a fantastic game. The Bulls were playing an incredible game.

Soon after, we noticed our kiddos starting to get a little restless. Hubby and I took note and gave each other “the nod”, and we agreed this would be our last quarter.

The remainder of the quarter, we cheered loud and celebrated each and every yard gained as USF kept and held the lead over Syracuse. The Bulls’ offense pushed further ahead with long scoring drives to remain in control of the game. Honestly, I can see some of these players getting drafted into the NFL no problem! I would be more than happy to have any of them on my fantasy football team. It wasn’t long after one of those drives that we had to make the unfortunate decision to head back to the car. The Bulls were having a great game and we had a front row seat to all the action, but parental obligations trump football.

We did make an obligatory stop at the Pirate ship with the kids since it was their first time at Raymond James Stadium. That ship is pretty epic to a small child. Rosalyn was mesmerized by its size.


Overall, we had a great time at the game and we were thoroughly impressed with how well the Bulls played. My hubby even commented how he would really enjoy coming to more of the games. I couldn’t have been more proud to wear my green and gold.

Do you attend college football?

Which college did you attend?

How do you think college football differs from the NFL?


***Through my affiliation with the Tampa Bay Bloggers I was provided tickets to the USF Homecoming game, in exchange for my recap and social media mentions. As always, all opinions are my own.

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3 thoughts on “USF Homecoming Recap”

  1. Sounds like a fun time! Besides NFL games, I haven’t been to a football game since high school! Our college team was so bad they got rid of the program completely lol. I’m hoping to make it to a game again soon though, they’re so much fun!

  2. Aw that’s awesome you were able to bring your kids to a game! I need to bring mine one day so I’m glad to hear yours were so entertained! I went to USF and went to all the games when I was there in 2005-2009. I haven’t been to one since I graduated!

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