Week 7 NYC Marathon Training

I realize I’m a day behind on reporting my training. Things are still cray cray here in my world. Even more so now that my in-laws have all gone back home. My daughter started school yesterday, so we’ve been focusing on a lot of her needs over the past few days. And then, of course, there’s my son’s ever demanding health needs. That’s a whole other story.

Last week’s training was a doozie.

Why you may ask?

Let me just start by saying how ridiculously dependant I am on carbs for energy, specifically bagels and oatmeal.

This past week has been one of the most difficult training weeks I’ve endured since I began running.

I’m not saying that I can’t live without starches for energy. I’m just saying I’m not used to it and need to educate myself on better means.

Two weeks ago, I received word about Harrison’s allergy testing. His test results showed he has severe sensitivities to Gluten, Egg Whites, and Cow’s Whey. And he’s moderately sensitive to Oats, Barley, Peas and Corn.

In a normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be too complicated of a diagnosis. I could simply modify his diet, but since he’s still reliant on breastmilk for his nutrition (which is still a touchy subject), I’m forced to alter my eating to avoid any and all sensitive ingredients. This means I am currently eating a Gluten, Dairy, Egg Free Diet. If I wasn’t training for an endurance event, it may be a little easier to operate. However, due to the absence of some of the more quick fuel options from my diet, I’ve been dragging ass (to put it bluntly). I’ve especially felt the absence of my bagel and peanut butter for my long runs breakfast.

With the deficiency of my usual breakfast, I have been running on fumes. And that’s translated into my training as well. I barely managed to get in my week day runs. But, hallelujah, I managed all fourteen miles of my long run Sunday. It was only by the grace of God that I was able to finish – I owe half of my effort to the company of my MRTT run group. A few of us ladies started at 5am together for the first half of my training run. I am so thankful for my fellow mother runners. Moms Run This Town has been such an amazing accountability and social facet of my training. And even more so now that we have more group runs scheduled throughout the weekdays finally. I’m really proud and excited to see my chapter taking off so well.

Yesterday my hubby and I booked our flights for NYC. And today we finalized our hotel arrangements. We’ll be staying at a hotel in Times Square. I’m thrilled to be staying in Manhattan for a change. I’ve been to New York many times, but I’ve NEVER stayed in the city. I know our trip for the marathon is not going to be a leisurely stay, but I am still stoked to be staying at a fancy New York hotel for the event. It will make the experience a little more memorable and will also make the commute to and from the race a little easier. My hubby booked us the Marathon Package at our hotel which includes a 20% discount on spa packages (that I probably won’t use, but I’ll definitely need), a METRO card for the subway, a bottle of celebratory champagne for post-race celebrations, and a late check-out the day after the race. It’s not much, but it still gets me excited thinking about it.

Now, how about that training.


Monday – 21 Day Fix Upper Body & Plyo

My in-laws were leaving to go stay in Orlando with some other family members. I didn’t have much juice in my tank, so I took it somewhat easy and stayed indoors in the air conditioning to do some home workouts. I don’t mind working out at home now that we’ve got a HVAC system. Although, it did break down the other day which was annoying. I found an Air Conditioner Repair company and it was all sorted within a day, so it wasn’t too much of an issue. It just meant I had to work out at the gym rather than at home!

Tuesday Unplanned Rest Lazy Day in Orlando with Family

We traveled to Orlando to meet up with family and played at the resort. They have a water park attached to the facilities, so we took our daughter and enjoyed a little fun in the sun. It didn’t translate into a productive day for my workouts, but I was happy to keep a low profile and relax a little more.

Wednesday – 6 miles on treadmill at resort

The weather was hot and overcast and I just didn’t want to run outside. I did, however, decide to take full advantage of the gym at the hotel. It was super convenient to have dozens of treadmills available inside with air conditioning. I fell in love momentarily with the idea of a treadmill.

Thursday – Unplanned Rest Day Chaotic Day with kiddos

Uneventful day of laundry and playing around with the kiddos. My hubby had to travel for work and my in-laws returned back to Panama. (sigh)

Friday – Stretch & Yoga

Today was the day of Harrison’s doctors appointment. We had a rough day and I was thankful for a little rest & yoga.

Saturday – Scheduled Long Run Postponed until Sunday due to hubby being out of town

I had to pick up hubby from the airport, then we visited with our friend who just had her baby.

Sunday – 14 miles

Completed half the milage with a couple moms from my run group, then finished up the lot by myself.

How did your week and workouts pan out?

Do you prefer to run on the treadmill during hot Summer days?

How do you cope with the heat and humidity?

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