Week Five of NYC Marathon Training

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Monday Rained Out Unplanned Rest Day

Tuesday  3 miles @ 9.09 pace

Wednesday 6 miles @ 9:46 pace (3 miles by myself and then I picked up my daughter for 3 miles with her in the single stroller)

Thursday 3 miles solo @ 9:16 pace

Friday Yoga & Foam Roll

Saturday 12 miles @ 11:54 pace  (30 second walk breaks every mile, and a few extended walk breaks towards the end)

Sunday REST

Total Miles 24

We’ve been having a typical Florida Summer these past few weeks.  What I mean by that is rain, rain, and more rain.

rain rain rain Stitch

If you live in the area, you most certainly have seen the Flood Warnings and/or the local news coverage of the effects of these past few week’s precipitation.  It’s been nothing short of torrential downpours for several days.  If you haven’t a clue what I mean, this is a picture taken of Bayshore Blvd where we have our annual Gasparilla Distance Classic.  bayshore blvd flooding

Although I don’t mind the rain so much in the evenings when it soothes me and aids in watering my lawn, it’s been detrimental towards keeping me on my training schedule.  Thankfully, I’ve been resourceful and have not missed too many runs over the past few weeks.  Although they have been pretty ugly running conditions.

I’ve also had the blessing of my MIL staying with us, and now my FIL and SIL are also here, so I’ve been able to take full advantage of their help with the kids to dart away as soon as the weather shows any signs of a recess.  Where I feel I’ve been really lucky is my Saturday long runs.  TWICE I have escaped the dreaded rain and managed to log ALL of my mileage in one take.  This week especially I felt lucky.

One thing about the weather that I can appreciate is the dip in temperature.  It makes for much more enjoyable runs.  So I didn’t think twice about taking my daughter with me for my 6 miler on Wednesday   She keeps me honest and will scold me for walking too often.  She actually gets upset if I walk so I tend to keep a quick pace with her even more so if I was by myself.  And the single stroller feels like nothing compared to the double.

My husband and my in-laws left early Friday morning to travel up to North Carolina for a family wedding.  Kiddos weren’t allowed due to the reception being held at a bar (waaah waaah), so I had to stay behind due to our little predicament with baby H.  So my mother was kind enough to offer to stay the night with me on Friday night so that I could still tackle my long run with my local MRTT run group.  It ended up being a little family sleepover, because my brother ended up joining in on the fun last minute too.  We stayed up late (my version of late is 11pm) watching the baseball game and chatting.  And then I snuck into bed.

Saturday morning, at the wee early hour of 4:00 am, I woke up and did my usual routine.  Ate a banana, nursed the baby, pumped, got dressed and headed out the door by 5:00.  It was just slightly raining when I got out to my spot, but I was prepared with a plastic baggie for my phone and electronics just in case the bottom dropped out while I was out.

Thankfully, the drizzle subsided within a few minutes and I was able to enjoy the cooler temps and breeze that the rain had brought along with it.  Five miles seemed like nothing that morning.  Maybe it was the cooler temps, or the silence of a dreary day that made me so comfortable and helped the miles pass by so quickly.  Before I knew it, it was almost 6:30 and it was time to meet up with the run group.

What do you know? Most likely due to the rain,  only one other runner was there waiting for me.

Thankfully, she and I are perfectly matched for pace per mile and our runs are never short on conversation since our children are similar in ages.  Her and I tackled the last 7 miles I had on tap without as much as a drop of rain.  Then it was back home to stretch, shower and get some food in my belly.

I managed to get in a little yoga and foam rolling on Sunday night after I put the kiddos to sleep, but I really feel like I need to put some extra effort into showing my legs some extra attention from here on out in my training.  Something else that I’m contemplating for the remainder of my training is the dreaded ICE BATH.  ice bath

I know lots of runners swear by the ice bath, especially later into their training schedules.  So I need to decide just when exactly is the best time to begin this recovery therapy.  My legs have felt pretty fresh with just a days rest after my long runs this far.  But with my mileage about to extend past the half marathon mark in just two weeks, it may be a different story.

Foam rolling really isn’t my favorite thing, so I’d love to know what other methods runners recommend for keeping the legs fresh and recovering quickly.

What methods do you use to recover during marathon training?

When do you use an ice bath for recovery, if you do them? 

Have you ever had to rearrange your training schedule due to weather?

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