Week in Review 12/2 – 12/8

After last weekend’s half marathon, I took a couple days off to relax and let my sore legs recuperate.  I was in a little bit of pain after a grueling finish on Sunday’s race, so I utilized my four favorite post race tools to assist me in getting back to feeling good: my foam roller, ProCompression socks, an ice pack and my Yogaglo.com account.     Lots of stretching and yoga always helps me recover after a tough workout.  

I took a couple days off from T-25 also.  I did, however, manage to sneak in a lot of family fun in my down time.  I took my daughter to the mall twice for a play date.  She loves to run around the playground with the other kids, and I usually let her ride the carousel while we’re there too.  She has such a blast, and it allows her to get out some of that toddler energy.  We did a little bit of Christmas shopping while we were there on Wednesday.  


My hubby had been out of town most of the week, so when he flew back home, we decided to spend some quality time together, which meant ordering take out……



Friday night we had a nice little evening out at Busch Gardens’ Christmas Town.  This was the first year we have taken our daughter to a Christmas themed event, so this was a nice little treat for all of us.  There were over a million lights strung up throughout the park and they had a separate area with snow themed activities for the whole family.  



There were a lot of characters from the Madagascar show taking pictures with everybody outside their theatre.  We took pictures with the Skipper and Kowalski, then got to see King Julian and Mort on their way out.  

Rossi likes to “Move it Move it.”



Rosalyn and I got to meet the Skipper & Kowalski from Madagascar.

Rosalyn and I got to meet the Skipper & Kowalski from Madagascar.





 Saturday morning I joined a group of local runners for the kickoff of their 12 week training program with the Runvie Racing group.  I was there to talk about and represent the Best Damn Race.  



Actually, after I chatted with the group, I took advantage of the event and went for a run with the group.  We did a couple hill repeats over a small overpass, which reminded me that I should regularly include more of these in my workouts, and then we set out for a quick little 3 miles through the area.  

It felt nice to run with a group, instead of being alone, but it made me realize how much I don’t like to talk when I run.  (even when I’m just trotting through a n easy 3 miler)  I think it’s kind of ironic, because I’m such a chatty Cathy before and afterwards.  I’m actually planning to join a local running club since I’m not working anymore.  

Here’s the rest of my workouts.  

Monday – R.I.C.E.    Lots of relaxation in the recliner with the legs up.

Tuesday – Another easy day of Yin yoga and stretching.  

Wednesday – T-25 

Thursday – T-25

Friday – Unplanned rest day.  I had a hair appointment during my usually scheduled time slot, and we all know that hair appointments trump workouts.  j/k

Saturday – 4 miles with the Runvie group

Sunday – Rested up at the beach house where we celebrated my mother’s birthday.  


I definitely took advantage of my easy week, but I’m planning to get right back at it tomorrow with T-25 and marathon training.  My next half is just eleven weeks away, so I’ve got some focusing to do.  

How was your week?  Do you ever run with a running group?  


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  1. Sounds like a busy week! I had a crazy one too. We were at Busch Gardens Friday night too, but we managed to miss EVERYONE that we knew. It was so much fun! We don’t have kids, but we had a blast. It was romantic on the skyride at night. 🙂