Week in Workouts – Week Ending 3/1

Week in Workouts
















Week Ending 3/1/15

Monday  – Max 30 Cardio Challenge (unmodified)

Tuesday – Max 30 Tabata Strength (unmodified)

Wednesday – Max 30 Sweat Intervals

Thursday – PiYo with extra yoga dedicated to IT Band stretching via Yogaglo.com

Friday – Rest and Stretch

Saturday – Best Damn Race Orlando

Sunday   – walk around Busch Gardens for 8 hours


Another week has come to an end.  And I’m exhausted after a very busy weekend.  Friday afternoon, I drove over to Orlando with my little man to pick up my best friend from the airport.  She was flying in for a week to visit her Florida family – that includes me.  We had planned to meet up together and run Best Damn Race Orlando half marathon.   So that’s exactly what we did.  Saturday I ran my third half marathon of the year, and then Sunday we spent an entire day at Busch Gardens with our friends, pushing 6 kids between a few double jogging strollers.BG Group Pics

It was soooo much fun, but taxing on my already sore body. I’m actually taking a day off today to fully recover, because tomorrow I start MONTH TWO of Max 30.   I wish I had time to get a 2 hour massage.  I need it after this weekend’s events.

I’ll have a full recap on my race by the end of this week, so stay tuned.  It’s a good one too!

How were your workouts last week?    

Did you have a race this weekend?

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