Weekend Recap & Last Week’s Workouts

Monday 6/15 Run/walk 3 miles with double stroller
Tuesday 6/16 Upper body
Wednesday 6/17 walked 2 miles with double stroller and yoga
Thursday 6/18 planned 4 miles but got rained out
Friday 6/19 yoga with foam rolling
Saturday 6/20 6 miles
Sunday 6/21 stretch & foam roll
I just looked at the calendar Saturday morning and realized marathon training starts in T-minus two weeks!!! Eeek! Can’t you tell i’m excited?


Today I’m trying something new.  I’m linking up with Tara from Running n Reading for her Weekend Update.  I’m been following along with Tara for a while now.  She’s another blend (blog + friend = blend) I’ve met along my journey.  We initially met through the Friday Five linkup.  She’s a fellow Nuun ambassador and now she’s got this weekend update linkup so I’ve figured it time to join forces again.   Make sure to check out her blog and tell her I sent ya.

This weekend was fairly laid back for us again. My lovely husband returned home on Friday after an extended business trip and we were just so happy to have him home that we didn’t even think to plan anything special for father’s day. We’re not really big into the Hallmark holidays in our families anyways, so we kept it laid back.
Friday night we kept to ourselves and lounged around the house. I worked on some projects that I’ve been trying to finish for weeks, as the kids played in the living room.

I made a batch of lactation cookies.

 As far as you non-breastfeeding readers are concerned, they were just Oatmeal chocolate chip, made with flax, rolled oats, brewers yeast and white chocolate chips. They are super easy and delicious, and they boosted my milk supply within a matter of two days. Mission accomplished!

I’ve been cleaning up and clearing out some clutter the past few weeks and I decided it was time to finally sell some items. I managed to sell a dozen or so DVDs on a garage sale site. Another score for me.

 Next up is all my old designer purses that are just aimlessly sitting in my closet. Anybody looking for a crocodile coach bag with matching wallet?
croc bag

Saturday morning was my group run with the MRTT ladies. It was our biggest crowd to date. We had ten lades show up!!   It was hot as the dickens, but great to have everyone join.  The majority of us ran about 5.5 mi with a few others spaced out between. I met a handful of new gals and I couldn’t be more pleased to see our group growing. What can I say? I’m a proud chapter leader. We forgot to take a picture at the start of our run, but I remembered at our half way mark, so we lined up for a quick shot with our smaller pace group.

Later that day my hubby and I met my girlfriend at the pool with her two daughters. We all got to splash around for a few hours. Harrison even took a nap while we were there.

 Rosalyn met some new friends and discovered the joy of water guns.

I posted this pic on social media Saturday. I realize now that it’s not the best picture.  Not only is the sun blaring in our faces, but I appear to be the only happy one in the picture.  And unaware of it, my hubby is sporting a sexy kitten towel.  I hadn’t even thought twice about it before posting to IG.  Almost immediately I got a slew of comments about my husband’s “awesome towel.”  For a moment I considered taking it down, but then I just laughed at it and took pride in how secure he is in his manhood that he can rock a cat towel.

Afterwards, we all went back home and everyone took a nap, except yours truly.  Go figure.

Sunday morning we had church, then we drove over to see my dad and mom for a lazy afternoon. It was another low key and boring day, but sometimes that’s what I like best.  We picked up subs from Firehouse and then laid around watching cartoons and playing with the baby.  Another weekend.  Over and out.

How was your weekend?

Did you do anything special for Father’s Day?

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Recap & Last Week’s Workouts”

  1. Doesn’t it feel so wonderful to clear out the clutter!? I posted a bunch of clothes that I never wear on Poshmark this weekend and I am hoping that they sell!

  2. Haley, I loved this picture of y’all this weekend! To be honest, I didn’t really think much of your hubby’s towel; seems like something we might do, if we had a cat towel – we just grab whatever is around! Y’all are SUCH a cute family!! Sounds like you had a great training week and I’m so thrilled you’ll be starting marathon training soon – yay!! Thanks so much for linking up with the blog today and I hope your day is going well!

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