Weekend Recap & Last Week’s Workouts

Good morning and happy Monday.  I hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was kinda blah!  Hubby has been gone and I didn’t really plan anything too exciting for us because, truthfully, I didn’t have the desire to trek anywhere with the two kiddos that wasn’t mandatory.  I’m a lazy mom like that..  However, I did treat them to a little action on the go.

Friday started off with a drive over to meet Nana for lunch at Chic-fil-a.

Rosalyn loves chic-fil-a and I like it because the playground allows the threenager to expel some energy before nap time.

After finishing lunch and  letting her play for a spell, we made our way over to Hobby Lobby.  I’d never been to Hobby Lobby before but may I just say it was like a little piece of heaven.


There’s a wide selection of home decor, fabric, framing, and crafting goodness. It was quite honestly a wonderful experience. I only wish I had more time to look around. Both kids were a little cranky at that point and needing naps. I did manage to score a new picture frame and some awesome scrapbook paper. With Harrison’s birthday just three months away, I’m already planning his party, so I’ll definitely be planning another trip soon.

After shopping, I spent some time goofing off with my parents at their house, then Harrison and I took off for home, leaving Rosalyn behind with my parents.  I needed a break and she needed some play time.  Nana to the rescue.

When I got home that afternoon, I was stoked to find the acceptance letter for Rosalyn’s school in the mailbox. It’s official now. She starts school in the fall. (sniff sniff)montessori accepted

Harrison and I took it easy that evening with some cuddles on the couch before bedtime.

Saturday morning I was up at 5:30 getting ready for my group run. Of course, little man wanted to sleep in on the one day I need him to wake up early. Murphy’s Law.

Thankfully he cooperated with me enough to log a four mile run with the group.  He started fussing a little during that last mile, but I don’t blame him.   I was fussy too.  The heat and humidity were really kicking my butt.

Speaking of the heat and humidity, I’m reminded of the new Maroon 5 song…..  “This summer’s gonna hurt like a mother…..”     Let’s just say, I’m not thrilled about marathon training in the dead of Florida Summer.  Bleh!

After a shower and some breakfast, we were back in the car and on our way back to my parents house.  When we arrived, we found everyone splashing around in the pool.

Fast forward to Saturday night which was a blur.  I got baths and bedtime under control  somehow and even managed to blog a little before bed.  Whaaaat? (That’ll be tomorrow’s post right there)

Then my awesomeness carried into Sunday morning.  Up early and back in my groove.  I felt like a superhero.  I successfully got myself and two kiddos ready and on time for church. Where’s the medal and recognition for that accomplishment?  Seriously.  Where’s my medal.

Church was great, as always.  Rosalyn gets so excited for church now.  Sunday morning she kept asking “is it time for church?”  “are we ready for church yet?”    It was the equivalent of “Are we there yet?.”  It’s completely annoying, but it makes my heart happy to see her so excited for something.  <3

After church I spoke with a couple ladies about a woman’s group that starts in the fall. Truthfully, it’s just what I need.   Hellooooo??? 2 hours of childcare and adult conversation, sign me up.

Last Week’s Workouts went a little like this:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Yoga

Wednesday – Max 30 Tabata Strength

Thursday – 3 miles with the double stroller

Friday – Yoga

Saturday – 4 mile run with MRTT with Harrison in the stroller

Sunday – Stretch & Foam Roll


How was your weekend?

Ever been to Hobby Lobby?  What’cha think?


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