Weekend Recap & Spartan Race Giveaway

I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial holiday. We had quite a nice weekend. We didn’t do anything over the top, but just kept to our usual Florida beach and BBQ routine. That’s kind of our typical ritual for three day weekends.

The past two weeks have been very nice for me. With the help of my MIL, I have been able to spend a lot more one-on-one time with my daughter and it’s been so wonderful. Her and I were able to go out shopping together at the mall and even got to ride the carousel together too. We rode twice. Once on the horsey and once in the tea cups. Dizzy fun. I’ve missed our mother/daughter trips and play dates. IMG_5015

Saturday was very low key. I started the day with an easy 7 miles with my MRTT run group. I walked the first two miles with a group of girls and then finished up with another mom. I hadn’t realized how weak I was feeling, most likely due to my elimination diet, until I hit the five mile mark. I had to stop and catch my breath a few times before hitting up a 7-Eleven for water to regroup and finish out the miles. The elimination diet didn’t last through the weekend, but I’ll have more on that later this week. (ugh)IMG_5131

Later Saturday, we enjoyed some quality time at our community pool as a family. The pool is the best feature of our neighbourhood; we get so much use out of it. For those looking for a new family home, I would highly recommend looking for developers that focus on creating child friendly communities, as they often include a number of facilities that your kids will love. For example, check out Hunt Midwest here. They not only provide pools for the families to use, but also incorporate nature trails and other areas of land that your children can use for exercise and exploration. Our daughter has become quite the fish since she completed her swimming lessons. She loves the pool more than ever and barely stops to catch her breath. I love seeing her so happy and carefree. Of course, I couldn’t forget the Nuun. IMG_5110

My cousin had flown down from Minnesota with her oldest daughter on Saturday, so Sunday we met up with her and some other family at the beach. Our little ones played in the sand and surf with their cousins and had such a great time while the adults lounged under our tents. (this Florida girl likes to keep out of the sun if she can) IMG_5161


We took Monday as an opportunity to stay home and finish some projects around the house. Hubby took our daughter to the pool again (they’re the brown-skinned ones of the family, so they can get away with the extra sun exposure) while I stayed behind with baby H and tackled a DIY bib display.

What’cha think about it?


It isn’t completely done yet since I ran out of glue sticks, but I’ll have it completed by this week. I’m planning to do a tutorial too for those of you who may be interested. It was super easy.

If you have any desire to participate in one of the upcoming Spartan races, here is your opportunity to save big bucks. For a limited time, Spartan is offering participants a discount of up to $40 off one of their events. Save $$$ with the code : MEMORIAL

DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS OFFER! It won’t last long.

SPARTAN Memorial Day Discount

You can enter my giveaway today for a chance to win an entry to any open heat in the continental U.S. Just comment below with how you’d train for it and I’ll pick a winner by Thursday with Random.org.

How was your weekend?

Did you have any special plans or did you lounge around like us?

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap & Spartan Race Giveaway”

  1. I’ve been training for the Asheville Super for several months now. I’ve been focusing a ton on increasing my upper body strength as the rope climb is always my enemy. Spartan also advertises Asheville as one of the most mountainous courses so I’ve recently started training by running as many stairs that I can find. I currently live in Florida which is only flat lands so the altitude changes will definitely be a challenge.

  2. Really want to go to the legit Spartan sponsored workouts but there are none near me 🙁 Until then cardio and weights.

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