Weekly Recap and Workouts

This past week was fairly uneventful at our household.  With the departure of all my friends after my birthday weekend, combined with my husband’s departure for his weekly business travels, I was left with an empty house and the slightest feeling of vacancy and solitude.  

No need to feel bad for me.  I had a little toddler to keep me company.  

It was just such a change around from having ten people sleeping in the same house for the weekend, then waking up with only one.  

It was a gloomy week for me personally and physically.  I hadn’t been feeling too energetic or enthusiastic, so even my workouts were lacking.  

It’s very easy to fall into this rut when my husband is out of town and I’m left alone with our daughter.  There’s always this thought that if I don’t get my runs done in the morning that I won’t get them done, which is almost always the case.   This week, I just wasn’t feeling great and the weather was a little cold and rainy in the early morning to take the baby outside for a stroller run (weather in the 30’s is cold for us) so I just didn’t get in the mileage that I wanted.  

And then, when I actually did make it out the door for my long run on Sunday (after my husband had arrived back home), I was sidelined early by an accident at home with our daughter.  

Let’s just say, she is officially sporting her first black eye.   

Poor Little Baby

Poor Little Baby

I was just nearing my second mile of what was supposed to be an 8 miler, when I received an incoming call from my husband.  He asked where I was and if he could come pick me up because our daughter had an accident and hit her eye.  I told him, to stay put and I’d be back in 15 minutes.  I basically ran all out for those turnaround miles back home.   I kept my pace right around 8:30 which is a whole minute faster than my usual.

I wanted to get home ASAP and I didn’t care that I was going to be sore when I woke up this morning (which I am).   When I arrived home, I met her and my hubby in the living room where she refused to let either one of us apply a cold compress on her eye.   Thankfully, she did settle down later and even managed to fall asleep in the recliner with me while watching Finding Nemo.  The good news is that she barely seems bothered by it now.  


Looking back on the week, I know I could’ve managed a few extra workouts.   I will pat myself on the back and say that I’m doing well with the yoga sessions though.  My yogaglo.com account is getting it’s money’s worth this year.  I’ve even managed to get my daughter involved with some of my practice.  It makes me so happy to see her connected and excited about yoga..  It doesn’t hurt that she’s so stinking cute when she folds down into downward dog.  I love that so much.  


This Saturday is my first half marathon of the year.  It’s my second year running Best Damn Race Safety Harbor and I’m really looking forward to the festivities again.  This year I’m running as an ambassador, which makes me super excited to participate.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces and hanging out at the finish line party. I’m even working the expo on Friday from 12-4pm at the Best Damn Race tent.  Make sure to stop by and say hello if you’re out that way for packet pick up or whatever.  

My only disappointment looking forward to the weekend is the weather.  I was really hoping for a continuation of last week’s cold front, but it appears that mother nature had other plans.  The high for that day is in the mid 70’s and the low is only lower 60’s.   We will still have an enjoyable race day, but the rise in temperature just doesn’t get me too excited performance wise.  I run much better in colder temperatures.  

How about you?   What’s your perfect race day weather?  Are you running a race this weekend?

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