Workout Playlists

Ever since I was a young girl, music has been a part of my life.  Maybe it was the influence of my father who was a musician and constantly jammed out in the living room, or maybe it’s in my genes.  Music is and will always feed my soul.  There’s nothing I love more than rocking out in my car or shuffling a killer playlist when I go for a training run.  Over the years many folks have requested the names of songs and playlists I use in my classes and videos, so this became a place to share another one of my passions.

I hope you enjoy these playlists and invite you to connect with me on Spotify & Apple Music to find more.  

Five Power Songs to Fuel Your Workout

Runspirational Playlist

Movie and Television Inspired 

Alt Rock

Guilty Pleasures

Summer Sweat – July 2017



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