My Year of Running – 2015

Was there something particularly special about 2015 for you? Maybe this was the year you discovered your love of Crossfit. Or perhaps, this was the year you gave up red meat.

Well, for me, this was a very special year of running. Not only did I log the most mileage ever, somewhere around 1,080 miles according to my calculations, but I ran my first marathon. I think it’s pretty safe to say that 2015 was a stellar year of running for me. And I have a feeling it’s just the beginning of an upward trend. After celebrating with one of my fellow MRTT mamas as she crossed over the milestone of running 1,000 miles this year,  I decided to link up with Courtney for the Year in Running Link up!

Eat Pray Run DC

In 2015, I ran:

I didn’t really have any specific running goals set for 2015.  I knew it was going to be a year of rebuilding since I was coming back from having my second child via another surgical birth.   Because of this, I set goals to simply finish my races. I got used to juggling the training with my new role as mother to two.  It was definitely a lot tougher to train for some of these races, but once the logistics were set it was left up to me to put the hard work in.  There were a lot of 4am wake up calls and a lot of coffee, but in the end, it was all worth it.  Every. Single. Step.


Best Race Experience:   Obviously, my big goal for 2015 was to run the New York City Marathon.  And it was, by far, the best race experience.  There isn’t much more I can possibly say to describe how monumental the day’s events felt to me, especially as my first marathon.  Between the energy of the city and the amazing spectators, and the support of my friends and husband along the course, I couldn’t imagine having a better first marathon.  nyc marathon finisher pic


Best Run:    Looking back, there’s not just one run that stands out as being exceptionally memorable – aside from the NYC marathon.  But what does come to mind was all the amazing training runs that I had the privilege of sharing with my Moms Run This Town (MRTT) run group.  Every Wednesday and Saturday morning these girls were there for me, supporting me through my training.  I cannot imagine getting through my training without them.  Not only that, but I’ve discovered such amazing friendships through the MRTT community.  Establishing my chapter has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I look forward to running with these girls for many years to come.


Best New Piece of Gear:   The only “gear” that I purchased this year was a hydration belt. I never liked running with a belt but was forced to do so when I began marathon training during the hot Summer months.  After a couple recommendations from fellow runner friends, I selected this Fitletic hydration belt.  Specifically, I needed one to fit my gigantic iPhone 6 plus and it’s done the trick quite nicely.  Not only that, but it sits perfectly on my hips, doesn’t bounce when I run, and has just enough room to fit my large phone, car keys, cash, chapstick, and a couple GUs.

fitletic belt

Best Piece of Running Advice:   Run your long runs slow.  I was really intimidated when I began training for NYC because I had never ran more than 18 miles at a time.  The training scared me more than the actual race.  Thankfully, a running coach friend of mine told me her secret.  She said, “I never run all of my long runs.  The long run is just about conditioning the legs to go long.”   She told me it was okay to walk, and often, if I wanted to.  Without knowing that, I may have burnt myself out or become frustrated.  I put in the speed training during the week and then I took my long runs slow.  I may have taken too many walk breaks when it came down to it, but I still made it across the finish line close to my goal, so for that, I thanked her.

Most Inspirational Runner:  Honestly, it is hard for me to select just one.    I’m inspired by so many runners out there today, virtually and IRL.  Probably the ones that have inspired me the most as of this year is my fellow mother runners.  Since becoming a part of the MRTT community, I’ve connected with so many amazing women who have done so much.  I’m also highly motivated when I see other moms juggle their training schedules with the busy mamma lifestyle.  So to all of you BAMR out there, thanks for the inspiration.

Favorite Picture from a Race:

I don’t usually like a lot of my action shots captured during a race.  I think I have crazy arms when I run and I typically have a wacky expression on my face, but this picture came out really good.  And since it’s from a recent race, most of the baby weight has melted away, so I feel pretty confident showing it off.


BDR Cape Coral 2015
Race experience I would repeat in a heartbeat:  Without debate, I’d repeat the NYC Marathon.  

One word to sum up my year:  Memorable is just one of the words I’d use.  I was able to run the BIGGEST race in the world.  Just being a part of that race was beyond memorable. And to have such amazing support from my friends and family was the icing on the cake.



How memorable was your year of running?

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